Faculty Development Programs

Faculty development or staff development as it is often called aims to help teachers develop the skills relevant to their institutional and faculty position. It can transmit new knowledge and skills, reinforce or alter beliefs about teaching and provide a conceptual network of what is often performed as an intuitive basis and introduce teaching fundamentals to the community of teachers. It includes all activities that the teachers pursue to improve their teaching skills in both individual and group settings. Individual approaches to faculty development programme include learning on the job, observing role models in action and reflecting on teaching and learning. Group approaches include structured faculty development activities such as workshops or longitudinal programmes, work-based learning and belonging to a community of teachers.

To make faculty development work, it is important to identify its needs and find a mentor who shall support the vision and mission of the same.

Sr.DurationTitle of the ProgramSponsored ByType (FDP/STTP)
218/04/2014HILTI Systems and Solutions to Civil & StructuresPASMFDP
323/12/2013 toStructural Diagnosis, Repair and Retrofitting of RCC StructuresPASMSTTP
430/03/2013Animation by MS PaintPASMFDP
516/03/2013Animation by MS PaintPASMFDP
625/01/2013 Treatment of Solid Waste by Plasma TechnologyPASMFDP
718/10/ 2012 Experimental Design & Factorial ExperimentsPASMFDP
828/09/2012 Construction of Diaphragm Wall in River BedPASMFDP
925/08/2012 Entrepreneurship Development for EngineersPASMFDP
1041094National Program on Technology Enhanced Learning for Effective TeachingPASMFDP
1128/04/2012 to 29/04/2012 Patent Search and Drafting of Patent ApplicationPASMFDP
1221/01/2012 to 22/01/2012Patenting in Engineering by GTUPASMFDP
1318/07/2011 to 20/07/2011Recent Trends in Statistics and Probabilities for Research in EngineeringPASMFDP
1418/07/2011 to 20/07/2011Recent Trends in Statistics and Probabilities for Research in EngineeringPASMSTTP
1511/09/2010 to 12/09/2010Modern Methods of Structural Analysis & DesignPASMFDP