Industrial Visits

Industrial Visit has numerous benefits, now in India and other part of the world more and more universities are making it a mandatory part of the entire curriculum, some of the universities are even providing grades for industrial visit and hence forth its report, Industrial visit is very important to any student undergoing professional education such as Engineering, Business management, Biotechnology, Pharmacy, Architecture and many more, no institute providing these courses has got enough infrastructure to show case all the real working equipments, machinery, operational methodology and everything else, that students  will come across once they enter into professional field, after the completion of their respective courses, so these industrial tours are an effort to bridge this gap of practical exposure.

Benefits of Industrial Visit

  1. It help students gain first hand information regarding functioning of the Industry
  2. Provides an opportunity to plan, organize and engage in active learning experiences both inside and outside the classroom
  3. It is Mandatory in various Indian universities hence it also full fills certain curriculum requirements
  4. Provides an insight into the real working environment of the Industry
  5. Helps them to see their future place in the working world
  6. This also serves as a relation building process between institutes and industry
  7. Many of the companies also use it as tool for building brand awareness
  8. Helps to enhance their interpersonal skills and communications
  9. Helps to understand the do’s and don’ts of the industrial practice

S. NoDateSemesterName of The Industry & LocationNo. of Students
1.        31 st March 2015,4 th SemProject Work at Tajpura at Halol210
03 rd April 2015
2.        25 th February 20158 th SemMahi Canal, Panam Dam & Wanakbori Weir98
3.        07 th February 20156 th SemMehul Construction Company Ltd., Dumad, Vadodara165
4.        14 th -15 th October 20143 rd SemGERI, Vadodara180
5.        23 rd September 2014M.E. (Structure) 1 st & 3 rd SemSVNIT, Surat30
6.        19 th September 2014M.E. (Transport) 1 st & 3 rd SemTikitar Industries, Halol30
7.        06 th March 20146 th SemKhapur Treatment Plant, Vadodara153
8.        07 th February 20148 th SemPanam Dam, Irrigational Structure115
9.        01 th February 20146 th SemRailway Staff College, Vadodara162
10.     24 th January 20144 th SemShivrajpur, Pavagadh, GMDC, Old Mangenese Site117
11.     21 st September 20137 th SemNarmada Canal C.D. works110
12.     21 st September 2013M.E. (Transport) 1 st & 3 rd SemHot bituminous plant at Halol30
13.     21 st September 20133 rd SemMCC Concrete Ltd146
14.     28 th August 20135 th SemTreatment Plant, VMSS150
15.     23 rd August 20133 rd SemPAWAN GROUP, Any Site132
16.     31 st July 20135 th SemNandesari Landfill site150
17.     01 st February 20138 th SemPTSI, Baroda29
18.     11 th January 20138 th SemPAWAN GROUP30
19.     04 th January20136 th SemMCC Concrete Ltd.30
20.     12 th October 20127 th SemMahi Canal, Panam Dam & Vanakbori Weir30
21.     10 th November 20125 th SemWTP, Nimeta, French well (Raika/ Dodka),Vadodara105
22.     09 th January 20126 th SemMCC Concrete Ltd., Dumad, Vadodara140
23.     08 th January20124 th SemBridge Construction Site, Amitnagar circle ,Vadodara88
24.     29 th September 20117 th SemMahi Right Bank Canal, Wanakbori Weir56
25.     27 th September20116 th SemNandesari Landfill site, Vadodara123
26.     27 th September 20113 rd SemCNS Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd., Vadodara98
27.     15 th September 20115 th SemGERI, Race Course, Vadodara132
28.     05 th September 20113 rd SemDarshanam Developers, Vadodara108
29.     24 th March 20116 th SemWTP, Nimeta & STP Atladara110
30.     22 th November 20108 th SemMahi Canal, Panam Dam & Vanakbori Weir126
31.     31 st August 20104 th SemGERI, Gorti136
32.     23 rd March 20108 th SemRCC Bridge, Lalbaug123