Short courses are a great way to fill the gaps in your knowledge and give you a competitive edge when it comes to job promotions. As technology evolves systems, programs and practices change, making it critical for workers to refresh their skills and stay on top of the game. Courses in areas of self-development, such as leadership, workplace communication and conflict resolution, can make you the ideal candidate for a higher role in your workplace. As an employer, these courses can help you effectively deal with employee issues and workplace relations and earn you the ‘Boss of the Year’ award. Skills such as these are easily transferable from workplace to workplace and are a great asset on your resume. Working every day on the same tasks, small business owners run the risk of their ideas getting tired and their minds uninspired. A short course, which may offer new ideas and skills, can really fire up the mind and inspire greater business success,’ says Leah Gibbs, Business Manager and Founder of Lifestyle Careers.

STTP on Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality- A Future of technology

Department of Computer Science Engineering, Parul Institute of Engineering and Technology organized Short Term Training Programme on “ Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality- A Future of technology” on January 7 -11, 2019 with an aim to raise awareness among the learners about the Basics of Virtual Reality and Augmented reality including fundamental of ARVR Tools. Shri.Tausif Ali conducted session on “Introduction to Virtual Reality and Usage, Working with Google VR System.” He also provided hands-on training to the participants about ARVR Tools. During the second and third day of the STTP, sessions on “Introduction to Unity 3D, Application and Set-up” and “Introduction of AR” were conducted. Shri.Harshit Lalpura, during his session on “ Introduction of AR” spoke at length about augmented reality, marker base and marker less AR. He also introduced the participants to concept of video integration with the help of hands-on training. Shri.Divyesh Patel delivered session on “ Blender Fundamentals” on the fourth day and Shri.Nilesh Dubey conducted session on “ Vuforia Engine” on the fifth day. Several mini projects were displayed during the STTP.

STTP on Cloud Computing

Short Term Training Program on Cloud Computing was organized by Parul Institute of Engineering & Technology. The STTP aimed for research and development on Cloud Computing and targeted for the faculty members and research scholars. The six-day training program comprised of various technical discussion, hands-on and practical demonstration sessions. The technical speakers were expert in the field. The expert committee included Mr. Harshal Trivedi ( Director, Innoventa Pvt. Ltd.), Prof. Parth Shah (HOD – CSE, CHARUSAT), Mr. Kaushal Bhavsar (CEO – Pratikar Technologies), Mr. Nilesh Vaghela(Founder – Electromech Corporation) and Prof. B. V. Buddhadev (Principal – SSCE, Bhavnagar).