A workshop is held so that it offers engineering and science faculty and graduate students a hands-on experience to enhance their teaching by writing clear instructional objectives at appropriate cognitive levels using active, cooperative & problem-based learning, teaching teamwork and problem solving skills, assessing learning outcomes.

Hexa Hive Hackathon

A 36 hour Marathon coding challenge completed with pledge of deployment assurance as scale up which is organized by CSE, Parul Institute of Engineering and Technology. Shortlisted 22 teams had contested. Total 120 participants and 6 mentors (4 from the reputed community of fraternity 1 from Mozilla, 1 from Microsoft, 1 from Google and 1 from GitHub) + 4 faculty coordinator and Student volunteer made this event a mega success.

Microsoft .Net Technology

Parul Institute of Engineering and Technology, Parul University, organized a 10-day workshop on .NET technology. It was very important for the students to learn from the trainers who are certified by the technology creators. Therefore, the workshop was conducted by Mr. Marmik Brahmbhatt, who is a Microsoft certified trainer and expert in .NET development. During those 10 days, the students had hands-on and mini-project along with the theory of the .NET development. The students learnt various unexplored areas of the .NET technology.

Data Mining

Computer Science engineering department of Parul Institute of Engineering & Technology, Faculty of Engineering & Technology, Parul University, organized a one-day workshop on research areas of Data Mining. The workshop was conducted by the eminent expert Dr. Amit Ganatra, dean, CHARUSAT. The workshop aimed at exploring the possible research areas in the field of Data Mining. This has helped the research scholars of the Master of Technology students of the department.