Industrial Visits

The goal of industrial visit is to aware students about IT market, Company culture, Interaction with IT developer, Team Leader and different tools and technology that we have to adopt to be an IT developer and get placed into niche category of company.
Education is a constantly evolving industry. From only academic knowledge it has come a long way. Do you remember the time when teachers would quickly scribble some notes on the blackboard and you would have to mug it up without fully understanding the context? There were few questions asked and even fewer answered and mugging up was probably the easiest form of learning.

Infosys visit

An industrial visit to Infosys, Pune was arranged by the Computer Engineering department to provide practical exposure to the students. The industrial visit was also aimed at strengthening the industry-academia ties. The industry academic exchange helped the institute and students understand the demands of the industry. It also helped the student to be aware about the latest technologies and the trends. They also underwent a program called Spark during their visit to the Infosys campus.

Elsner Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Parul University included industrial visit in academic curriculum of engineering degree. In year 2015 Parul Institute planned to visit Elsner Technologies Pvt. Ltd. which is established in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. It has 1500 employees globally and 1200 different projects running with US, Australia, Europe and other oversees clients.
During the visit students interacted with HR officer and they had been guided by HR officer for R&D department, Team leaders of company and senior & junior Web developer. They have seen the working environment, dedication, commitment, team work and finishing deadline of assign work. These all the qualities attributes that we should adopt to be a professional. During visit they have addressed the huge gap between engineering syllabus and what exactly IT industries looking in fresher engineer that is awareness of tools and market requirements.