Expert Lectures

We call experts of different fields from reputed colleges and industries to deliver talk on various subjects, for upgrading conceptual knowledge. Department has organized different expert Lectures like Power Quality in power systems with distributed Generation, Measurement Instruments, Energy Conservation Techniques, Artificial Intelligence, Instrumentation, Recent Trends in Smart Grid, Current trends in power system protection, Commissioning & Maintenance of Electrical Equipments, PLC SCADA Drive, Sensor less and Adaptive Vector Control of induction motor drives, Transistor Applications & Regulators, Power system relay protection, Harmonic Distortion & It’s Effect on Power System, Selection criteria for Generator Transformer, Commissioning and Erection of Transformers, 8051 Based Application Development, Energy Audit Practices, Energy Conservation, Design Of Transmission Line.

Expert lecture on Power Quality

Dr.Naimish Zaveri From C K Pithawala institute of Technology, Surat, had delivered a lection the Topic of Power Quality Concerns of Harmonics and Power factor for and students.
Dr.NaimishZaveri had given brief Knowledge to the students about the Harmonics and Power Factor during his three hours of lecture; he had covered almost all descriptive sub topics which will be helpful for the students in their academic as well as professional career.

Observability and Controllability Issues In Earthing

Expert Lecture on “Observability and Controllability Issues In Earthing” held at EE engineering dept, PIET. The Lecture has been conducted and coordinated by Dr. Vithal Kamat, Managing Director, Baroda Electric Meters Ltd.The students of Electrical Department attended the Expert Talk. 100 students and 4 faculty members had attended the expert lecture.

Expert Lecture on Network Analysis

It was pleasure moment for 3rd semester electrical students to attain expert lecture for Network Analysis subject on Transients Analysis and Network Synthesis. In the entire session, objective, outcomes and analysis of electrical network under the transient condition was discussed. Students were very enthusiastic to learn the mentioned topics in excellent manner