The overall goal of engineering education is to prepare students to practice engineering and, in particular, to deal with the forces and materials of nature. Thus, the department has established many laboratories like Electrical Machines Laboratory, High Voltage Engineering Laboratory, Switchgear and Protection Laboratory, Power Electronics & Drives Laboratory, PLC, Microprocessors, Microcontroller and Interfacing Laboratory, Elements of Electrical Engineering Laboratory, Basic Electronics Laboratory, Circuits and Network Laboratory, Electrical Measurement & Instrumentation Laboratory, Software Laboratory. MMajor equipments available at out department are Shunt motor coupled to AC generator, Auto Transformer starter for 5HP I.M, 100 kV AC and DC test set, Impulse generator (150 kV, 5stage), Motorized oil testing unit, Demo set for understanding behavior of impurities in liquid, Numerical relays, Static Relay for Reverse Power Protection, AC and DC drives, Slip Power Recovery Scheme, PMSM motor drive, PLC 200 & 300 series, MS 320F2407 DSP Training Kit, DSP controller trainer kitTMS320F2812Model-Micro2812, 8051 Microcontroller VI Kit 51 Make-NITECH, etc 3HP IPM BASED POWER MODULE (2) 20150924_150949 20150924_151813 High Voltage Lab Machine lab - Copy Over Current Electro mechanical relay