Purpose of establishing laboratories is to implement theoretical knowledge in practical field. Engineers must have knowledge of nature that goes beyond theory knowledge that is traditionally gained in laboratories. All laboratories of E&C department are well equipped. Department has total nineteen labs out of which six labs are computer labs and rest of the labs are hardware based. Department has well developed Antenna & Microwave Lab, Electronics & Communication lab and Optical Fiber Lab, Control System & Circuit & Network Analysis Lab, Audio & Television Lab, Sat-Com Lab, Electronic Instrumentation Laboratory, Communication Lab (Digital Communication and Wireless Lab), Basic Electronics Lab-I and Lab-2, Power Electronics Lab, Micro Processor Laboratory, Digital Electronics Lab I&II, Digital Signal Processing (DSP) & Embedded Lab, Microcontroller And Interfacing Lab, Digital Image Processing Lab and Data Communication & Networking (DCN) Lab. Department also has two computer labs with many software installed for students who are pursuing post graduation.