Expert Lectures

Expert Talk on Demystifying CSE/IT

A session surrounded on how with the knowledge of CSE/IT students can bring changes in the world and the enormous ocean of opportunities they would get open to being a CSE/IT Engineer was organised at Faculty of Engineering. More than 1300 Students attend the session.

Expert Lecture on Deep Learning

An expert talk by Honourable Provost Dr Ketan Kotecha was scheduled on the topic Deep Learning. The target audience were P.G students and final year UG students of both CSE & IT department. The main aim of this expert talk was to make the students aware about the latest trending technology in market which could help them to build a better career. This expert talk was scheduled keeping in mind the course that the PG students are undergoing i.e. Machine Learning. Deep learning is the new era of machine learning. Following topics were covered during the session: 1. What is deep learning? 2. Need of deep learning. 3. Various deep learning models a. Neural network b. Convolutional neural network c. Deep belief network d. Recurrent nets e. Recurrent neural tensor network f. Long short term memory network 4. Various applications related to the above models were discussed. The motive behind this talk was to motivate the PG students to undergo their dissertation in the field of deep learning as this is the need for the day to be successful. Lot many companies are hiring the professionals who are having the knowledge about deep learning. For better understanding of the concepts, videos from TEDx were also shown to the students.

Cyber Security

Awareness of Cyber Security laws and forensics is an essential for the students of Information Technology. Therefore, the IT department organized the expert session on Cyber Security. The talk was conducted by Dr. C. S. Buch, who held the position of President, Computer Society of India, Gujarat Chapter. Along with being a doctor, he is passionate about the computers. His interest area included the cyber security and digital forensics. With his background experience of the cyber law and digital forensics, and working with the government for IT laws formation and amendments, he has been able to provide insights into the subject.