Programme Outcomes

The outcomes of UG IT Engineering programme are: a. : An ability to apply fundamentals of mathematics, science, and engineering in modeling and analyzing engineering system b. : An ability to design and conduct laboratory experiments, and analyze and interpret experimental data c. : An ability to design a system, component, or process to meet desired needs in recognized major IT engineering areas d. : An ability to function on multidisciplinary terms**multidisciplinary terms include teams of individuals with similar educational backgrounds focusing on different aspects of a project as well as teams of individuals with different educational backgrounds e. : An ability to identify, formulate and solve engineering problems f. : An understanding of professional and ethical responsibility g. : An ability to communicate effectively in oral and written form h. : An ability to understand the impact of IT engineering solution in a global and societal context(through broad education) i. : Ability to recognise the need to engage in life-long learning*

Programme Educational Outcomes

Graduates of IT Engineering will: PEO 1. : Information Technology Engineering Programme provides an ability to analyze technical problems, requirements, and specifications and also provides novel engineering solutions for designing and developing technically sound, economically feasible and socially acceptable software systems and applications. PEO 1.1 : Ability to analyze technical problems. PEO 1.2 : Design and develop technically sound, economically feasible and socially acceptable software systems and applications. PEO 2. : Information Technology Engineering Programme prepares graduates, to enhance skills and knowledge in professional career and higher education through well-organized training and self-learning Programme, and to support innovations and research work in the areas related to engineering & information technology. PEO 2.1 : Progress in professional career PEO 2.2 : Higher Education, innovations and research work. PEO 3. : Information Technology Engineering Programme develops professionalism, communication skills, values; social concern and team work, and enables them to adopt the current trends in technology to support national ethics and policies PEO 3.1 : Team work and adaption of current trends in technology PEO 3.2 : Professional conduct and interpersonal skills