About Department

The Department of Applied Sciences was started in the year 2003 under the guidance of Prof. N. V. Patel & Prof. K. J. Jaiswal (Retired Prof. MSU). In 2008, Dr. Falguni S. Acharya is appointed as the Head of the Department. It started from a small unit to a full-fledged department and at present there are 22 Mathematics & 4 Physics experienced faculties, who have excellence in imparting knowledge and giving practical insight of the subject. Apart from teaching Physics & Mathematics in various fields like Engineering, Pharmacy, Management, Computer Applications, B.Sc(Mathematics) and M.Sc(Mathematics), it also actively contributes in the placement training of students by providing guidance for Quantitative Aptitude and conducting Vocational courses for GATE. This helps to develop keen interest for mathematics among the students which makes it easier for them to understand concepts and apply it in their respective branch.