The practical in the physics laboratory have been well set in order to give proper exposure to various physical phenomena and theoretical aspects of the subject encountered in their regular syllabus. Major equipments in Physics Laboratory include Semiconductor Laser Apparatus(Laser source, Lycopodium sheet, diffraction grating) , Hall effect apparatus (digital Gauss meter, Constant current supply, electro magnet and hall probe), N.A. apparatus (optical fiber cable, diode laser and stand with scale and chucks), Solar cell kit, Kits for semiconductor Band gap measurement with thermometer, I-V characteristics of LED, P-N Junction diode, Zener diode, Ultrasonic frequency generator (Dual frequency with Liquid cell, Top reflector assembly with micrometer screw, Base for liquid cell, R.F.Cable).Students are provided the lab manuals duly prepared by the faculties to note down the observations in proper format that also includes the questions at the end of each experiment to test their understanding about the particular experiment.