Industrial Visits

Industrial visits organized by department gives an exposure to students about the real life application of various subjects in industry. This industrial experience motivates and guides students to get adopted as a professional in the work force.

Atul Industry and Khedut Agro Engineering

Students visited Atul Industry and Khedut Agro Engineering located at Rajkot. While visiting Atul Industry, students experienced the insight technical knowledge of various processes undergoing in various departments i.e. production, manufacturing, assembly line, paint shop, inventory and material handling and finally the outcome of all those emerges to a 3-wheeler commercial vehicle known as “CHAKDA” and also other goods carriage. On the other hand, visit to Khedut Agro Engineering is involved in manufacturing of agriculture tools like seed spreader & sprinkler, hydraulic ploughing and various other machines. Thus, students came to know the technology which is been emerging in agriculture field and will take some part in developing those machines.