Global Grand Challenges Summit-2019

Faculty of Engineering & Technology, Parul University organized the Global Grand Challenges Summit (GGCS) event from 16-18 September 2019 on the following UN Sustainable Goals: - Good Health and Well Being. - Quality Education. - Clean Water and Sanitation. - Affordable and Clean Energy. - Industry Innovation and Infrastructure. - Sustainable Cities and Communities.


The 2nd International Conference “Parul University International Conference on Engineering & Technology: Smart Engineering Jointly organized by Faculty of Engineering & Technology, Parul University, India and Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, Wroclaw, Poland. Developing and optimising chemical, biomedical and biotechnological processes play a key role in the modern society. It is predicted that the industry of the future will be characterised by production that is eco-friendly and energy-efficient. The theme of the track is the development and optimisation of such processes in the chemical and biological industries. Moreover, technological advances in the field of health care and human welfare will significantly benefit the mankind. The major scope of Smart Chemico-Bio is to bring the advancements in the field of Chemical and Biological and its allied areas. The session on Day two was on theme “Recent trends and advancement in the area of Chemical Engineering”.Session chair for this session was Professor Ranjan A. Sengupta. About 60 Participants were present during this session and 6 papers were presented.