About Department

A fusion of biology and technology leads to biotechnology, a fast growing and evolving field in science. The rapidly and dynamically changing global scenario in Biotechnology demands students to be aware of latest developments in the core and various allied fields. The curriculum and syllabi is designed in such a manner to provide understanding of bio-pharmaceutical, and drug discovery sectors, healthcare, diagnostic and therapeutic, plant and animal sciences, and environmental sectors along with the core subjects.
Established in 2018, the department of Biotechnology Engineering aims to provide a multidisciplinary research and teaching program in modern biology and bioengineering. Currently the department offers undergraduate (B.Tech) programme in Biotechnology. The undergraduate curriculum in the Biotechnology Engineering aims to expose students to exciting new fields in Biology while also providing opportunities for obtaining valuable hands on research experience. The program provides a unique fusion of biology with other basic and engineering sciences. B.Tech. Biotechnology is utterly focused in bridging biosciences and engineering. The course contains major bioscience credentials like microbiology and immunology, biochemistry, molecular biology & genetic engineering, plant and animal cell & tissue culture, genomics and proteomics, IPR and bioethics and bioengineering like bioprocess technology, downstream processing, unit operations along with chemical engineering, mathematics and basic engineering subjects. The highlight of the syllabus is the practical knowledge that students gain through inplant training, projects, and industry visits.
Students can find job prospects in the industry related to Vaccine production, Biofertilizers production, clinical testing, and diagnostic work. Potential employers include biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, as well as laboratories in hospitals, government, universities, horticultural industries, conservation organizations, food & beverages industry, agricultural industry.