Expert Lectures

The CSE Department believes in providing practical knowledge to the students in the form of expert lectures in addition to academic knowledge being imparted during class room lectures. Experienced professionals from various industries visit our department, and elucidate our students with recent technologies and their applications.

Expert lecture on Industrial C

Department of CSE conducted an expert lecture on topic “Industrial C”. It was fruitfully delivered by Mr. Mayank Raj Jaiswal, S/W developer, Techknow Software, New Delhi. He shared his knowledge on how new advancement of C is useful to devise new software as well as software based hardware. He also focused on various facts of C programming. Students had keen interest in knowing the advance programming used in industries. They also found the lecture interesting and interactive.

Expert lecture on Information Security

CSE department arranged another expert lecture on Information Security. Mr. Nikul Jayswal, DBA, IST DATA Source, Ahmedabad, was the guest speaker for the session. He provided In-depth knowledge on the fastest growing and most important technologies used by organizations to secure their crucial data. The emphasis was given on the ways through which security can be conquered. This was very interesting session because at the end of lecture students were fortunate to know many unknown and amazing facts related to information security.