About Department

The Parul University offers well structured comprehensive B. Tech (DT) course curriculum that combines the knowledge of Management and Technology. B.Tech (Dairy Technology) Degree Programme has been designed at par with premier institutes of the country perceiving the present need and future requirements of trained manpower in Dairy industry. The major disciplines in the course includes: Dairy Technology, Dairy Engineering, Dairy Microbiology, Dairy Chemistry and Dairy Business Management. A comprehensive In-plant training/ project work forms an integral part of a curriculum and is intended to provide practical hands on training experience (READY Programs) in various aspects of Dairy and Food industry processes. Syllabus was finalized on the basis of ICAR Fifth Dean committee recommendations.

The demand for dairy products is expected to grow at a rate 9-12% by 2030 and Indian dairy industry struggle to maintain 100% self-sufficiency due to huge local demand. Despite having the largest milk production, India is a still a minor player in the world market. India is ranked at 18th position in world exports with a 1.6 % share in total world exports. Hence we have ample of opportunity to export processed dairy products by manufacturing of dairy products with the international quality standards. So those who have enrich with knowledge of Dairy Technology they will get the opportunity to work with
1) Multi-National Companies (MNC’s) like Nestle, Crafts foods, Danone’s India Private Ltd, Schreiber Dynamix, Delaval pvt. Ltd, arla foods,etc
2) Cooperative Sector like GCMMF (AMUL), KMF (Nandini Dairy), BSMCF (Sudha Dairy), OMFED, KCMMF, Dudhsagar Dairy, Sumul Dairy, Banas Dairy, Baroda Dairy, Vasudhara Dairy, etc
3) Government organizations
4) Semi-government organizations
5) Private Dairies like Chitale Dairy, Paras Dairy, Vadilal Dairy, Kwality walls, Godrej, Prabhat, Jersey Dairy, Hutsun Agro, Heritage Foods, Kwality ltd, Parag milk foods, VRS Foods, etc and Mother Dairy Fruits and vegetable Pvt. Ltd.


1) Leadership: as pioneers in technologies we are thought leader or technocrats helping to the farmers.
2) Commitment: Developing quality human resource through providing excellent quality education and working hand in hand with farmers we share their challenges doing technical support to them it takes to ensure their success.
3) Expertise: Number of years of experience in animal husbandry, fishery and dairying in catalyzing growth and success for Human Resource and farmers.
4) Innovation: Through the research, we invent and deliver solution that create tangible values for farmers and entrepreneurs.
5) Practicality: we are grounded in and guided by the practical needs and challenges facing the farmers and entrepreneurs.


  • To provide quality education in the field of Dairy Technology.
  • To promote and improve the post production activities in milk preservation, packaging, storage and distribution.
  • To standardize the products with required nutritive parameters.
  • To undertake research schemes to facilitate the Dairy and Food industries.
  • To generate revenue by providing consultations services and necessary inputs to private / cooperative Dairy and food industries.

Potential Career path for students

1) MNC Dairy & Food Sector in India and Abroad
2) Cooperative Dairies
3) Research & Development in Dairy & Food Sector
4) Government and banking sector
5) Consultancy services
6) Civil Services
7) Self –Entrepreneurship
8) Management Services
9) Academics