Expert Lectures

Electrical department has arranged several expert lectures to bridge the gap between theoretical aspects of understanding and their industrial application. Some of the topics of expert lectures are current trends in power system protection, HVAC transmission line design, Smart grid, Commissioning testing and maintenance of electrical equipment, Advance electrical drives, Power quality management.

Expert Lecture on Advance electrical drives

Electrical Engineering department organized the expert session on Sensor less and adaptive Vector Control of Induction Motor Drives. The talk was conducted by Dr. S. N. Pandya, Professor in Electrical Engineering of L.D. College affiliated to GTU Gujarat. He explained the fundamentals of vector control and different methods for sensor less control of Induction motor drives.

Expert Lecture on HVAC Transmission Line Design

The importance of expert lecture by Mr. Alphesh Mohite who is working as a Sr. Engr. at Takkalkar Power Engineers & Consultant has delivered expert lecture on HVAC Transmission Line Design which gives thorough knowledge of topic whereby he has explained the fundamentals power transfer of the through HVAC Transmission system.