Seminars are always considered to be one of the best platforms to discuss and foster new ideas, develop existing measures to achieve our goals, and we in our Applied Science and Humanities department are not exempted. We organize seminars on relevant subjects to enhance the knowledge and skill of our facilitators on a regular interval. We also conduct seminars to disseminate awareness of different industrial developments among our students to help them determine their career goals.

Enhancing Research & Development Activities in Technical Institution

Research is an important tool through which Excellence and innovation in any field can be achieved. Research is also directly related to quality of education, Mathematics is an indispensable tool in the study of allied engineering disciplines. Industries have started their own R&D cell to upgrade the product quality as per demand the consumers and their expectations from the graduating engineers have soared up in recent times. Keeping in mind the above scenario, it is essential for technical faculties to learn the efficacies of R&D and the various funding agencies. The basic objective of this training program is to enhance and upgrade the technical education through Research and Development. Further, this training program provides a forum among experts and participants which will facilitate mutual cooperation for knowledge sharing and research applications. The goal of this seminar is to provide a common platform for exchanging ideas and experience pertaining to the challenges of real world.