Expert Lectures

It has been observed that most students lack vision of their future, what they do after college, which is their area of interest, as they don’t have clarity on how things work in industries, they pay a little attention new topics beyond their syllabus and they fail miserably at their campus interviews. Our department tries to bridge the gap between industrial trends and what’s been taught in our classrooms by conducting organizing expert sessions from different fields of their subjects and beyond the subjects also. Due to Lengthy syllabus all practical techniques or application cannot be covered in detail in class rooms.

Expert Lecture on Physics of Arc Welding

Mr. Shashank Joshi delivered a lecture on “Physics of Arc Welding” which made students aware about the advanced manufacturing techniques. His excellencies and knowledge about the concerned theme and technical domain increased the students fundamental knowledge about the welding as well as manufacturing methods. He also discussed the application of Advanced Arc Welding techniques for the different domain which encourage the students for the better application in their future projects.

Expert Lecture on Developing Entrepreneur Skills

Mr.Alap Mankad is the founder of FLUIDEL Machineries Pvt.Ltd. This talk was more on developing entrepreneur skills. Mr.Alap, throughout his entire life journey in various workshops gave the students a brief idea how practically one needs to deal with the situations. He as shared various stories of his life and the way he acted on all those situations. . On an ending note Mr.Alap provided open and free space to the students of college for learning at his workshop and for the industrial visits and also for industrial training.