Industrial Visits

We introduced a new opportunity to Mechanical Engineering, students that are “Industrial Visit”. The focus of is just on theoretical knowledge not on practical knowledge in class room. We cannot say that they don’t have interest on practicing the theory but they don’t have time to apply the bookish knowledge on real world. The solution is Industrial Visit. While doing any experiments or projects, it is more important to have practical knowledge. It is gained by observing the practical scenarios that were happening in daily life. In this field, it is possible only through visiting the industries. So far we have visited around 150 industries to give platform for understanding of practical knowledge to students as well as faculty. From Industrial visit students are able to understand various machining and manufacturing process as well as various thermal components like condenser, compressor, heat exchanger, boiler etc.

AIRRO Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

AIRRO Engineering Pvt. Ltd Established in 2003 by Mr. J P Sharma, a chemical engineer.During industrial visit students gain the practical knowledge on Designing, manufacturing and supplying of chemical plants like Nitrogen plant, oxygen plant, ammonia gas plant etc. and moreover heat exchangers, pressure vessels and air / gas receiver tanks manufacturer.

Baroda Dairy

During the visit students of Pre-Final year gained the knowledge of Vapour Compression Refrigeration System, Heat Exchanger, Condenser. Compressor etc Compressor etc. The automation based production plant of Milk packing was shown. They showed the various Boilers for different range.