About Department

Belonging to the first-class discipline of oil and natural gas engineering, Petroleum Engineering aims to foster professional talents for the petroleum industry. This major has two directions, Well Drilling Engineering and Oil and Gas Field Development Engineering. Well drilling engineering is a process to understand the stratum deposition situation, to judge the storage information of oil and gas, to construct the oil and gas exploit channel by drilling. Oil and gas field development engineering is to set up reasonable development projects and practice exploitation and production on oil and gas fields. During the program students will learn various core courses related to petrophysics, well drilling, oil reservoir engineering and production engineering.

Petroleum Engineering Department is being started from Academic year 2018-19. The objective behind this program is to impart knowledge to the young minds who can be skilled manpower for oil and gas industry. The department has the vision to provide all the necessary facilities and infrastructure which will produce highly skilled Petroleum Engineers. After the completion of programmes in petroleum engineering, students can work in job profiles like petroleum geologists, drilling engineers, reservoir engineers and production engineers. There are lot of opportunities in the field of petroleum engineering in India and abroad. Petroleum engineers are offered high salaries.