Workshop on Single colour relief woodcut print

Relief woodcut print techniques is the oldest japanese method of printing. Single colour relief wood cut print workshop was held for a week for the students of fine arts batch 2016 under the expert guidance of the Baroda based artist, Kanika Shah. The rigorous sketches done by the students were being transferred on the wood surface for further carving and marking techniques that students got exposed to in a new medium to explore.

Workshop on "Out of the Box"

Students of Faculty of Fine Arts were exposed to 10 days long workshop called "Out of the Box" conducted by Jana Bednarova, Slovakian artist. The workshop aimed to open ways to understand works of Post Modern & Contemporary artists who work with concept and mix media. The program of the course helped students to find the area of interest in art and discover the topic and elaborate the experimental artwork which they were able to discuss in context of present day art.

Single Colour Relief Wood Cut Print

In this workshop Students were exposed to new medium of relief woodcut print where students explored the possibilities of linear carving quality along with various textures and mark making techniques on the polished wood with various tools. The expert guidance led them to produce amazing results in the form of final black and white prints. Students were observed enjoying this medium and continued with the process even after the workshop hours.