Vision & Mission


Providing quality homoeopathic education and enable students to undertake responsibilities and cope with challenges, problems and opportunities in homoeopathy.

Our Institute emphasizes on all-round development of its students. It endeavours to treat every student as an individual, to recognize their potential and to ensure that they receive the best preparation and training for achieving their career ambitions and life goals.


• To develop this institution as a Centre of excellence in Homoeopathic education and research.
• To impart best service to the society.
• To become part and parcel of the National health care system.

Core Values

1. Integrity: Research and teaching shall be carried out in an environment of academic freedom and honesty. Integrity gives us the ability to realize the greater good in our actions and programs and challenges us to look at our work and as one united with others across the globe.
2. Excellence: The Institute is committed to excellence in all spheres of its activities through innovation and creativity. Institute will work towards continuous improvement and produce the highest quality outcomes in all its endeavours. The Institute will recognise exceptional efforts through awards and honours.
3. Transparency: The Institute will function according to defined procedures and rules, which will be informed to all stakeholders. The Institute will make public all important information related to its functioning.
4. Accountability: Accepting responsibility for achievement of common goals and objectives, Institute works for personal and professional growth and development. Institute will continuously evaluate and improve systems and policies.
5. Hospitality: Hospitality draws us to do our daily work with a spirit of graciousness that welcomes new ideas and people of all backgrounds and beliefs.
6. Diversity: By providing a campus which is supportive, safe, and welcoming innovative ideas, beliefs, and different cultures.
7. Collaboration: Contributes to the advancement of society by building partnerships with students, alumni, business and industry, government bodies, accrediting agencies, and the communities the University serves.