The Seminar provides real learning values. They allow organizations to get updated with the latest developments in the field. They are very appropriate in an era in which people do not have time to read a number of books by experts. They can spend a reasonably short period of time and get substantial information on a topic they have an interest in. The speakers, who specialize in these fields, have already done the sifting and selection of information from a wide variety of sources. They then present the delegates with those aspects that are particularly relevant. The learning environment encourages delegates to exchange experiences, ideas and practices.

2nd National Seminar on Homoeopathy

On 13th December the college had organized the 2nd National Seminar on Homoeopathy where Dr. S. K. Tiwari and Dr. Sunirmal Sarkar were the speakers. On this occasion the Souvenir was released.It was matter of proud that the dignitaries like Dr. Ramjee Singh (President of C.C. H. New Delhi), Dr. Arun Bhasme (Vice President of C.C.H. New Delhi) and Dr. S.P.S. Baxi (Former President of C.C.H. New Delhi) were called as Guest in the seminars.