Field Visits

The Educational Filed Visits plays vital role in practical understanding. The 4th BHMS students are regularly given exposure to visit different Education Field Visits in the subject of Community Medicine.The College is regularly conducting Field visit at 1) Water Purification Plant, Nimeta, 2) Sewage Treatment Plant, Tarsali, Vadodara, 3) Milk Pasteurization Plant, Baroda Dairy, 4) Primary Health Centre, Waghodia 5) School Health Check up, Vidhyamnadir High School, Kelan Puri, Vadodara, etc.

Visit to Primary Health Center, Rustampura

Department of Community Medicine of Jawaharlal Nehru Homoeopathic Medical College had organised an educational filed visit on 24 th June 2019, for the students of Fourth year BHMS.92 students along with Dr Zankhana Desai (HOD, Department of Community Medicine) have visited Primary Health Centre at Rustampura. The objective of this was to acquire firsthand knowledge about primary health care, identify PHC workforce & role of government in health care etc.

Visit to R.P. Patel Institute of Homoeopathy

As a part of continuous learning process for students, Department of Repertory (UG) of Jawaharlal Nehru Homoeopathic Medical College has organized an educational field visit for the students of Fourth year BHMS. On 14th June 2019 about 95 students along with their subject teacher has visited to R.P. Patel Institute of Vadodara.

Visit to Parul Sevashram Hospital Blood Bank

On 12/2/2019 & 13/2/2019 Department of Pathology had organized the educational visit of the Second year BHMS students to the Blood Bank at Parul Sevashram Hospital. The Chief of Blood bank Dr. Shrikant Shiromani (MD
Pathology) has given an introductory lecture about the blood bank. In his lecture he discussed about the criteria for blood donation, a difference between Universal Donor & Universal Recipient, Methods of blood collection, various instruments & machines used for collection & storage of blood, techniques of separation of different components of blood such as Platelets & Fresh Frozen Plasma.