The college has laboratories with State-of-the-art facilities, to do practical and explore the theoretical knowledge. All the Laboratories are well equipped, well ventilated and spacious and complies all equipment as per the C.C.H. norms.

The Anatomy Lab : Laboratory is spacious, naturally well lit to make study of the Human body and Histology with greater comfort. Sufficient Dissection table makes cadaver dissection easy. More emphasis is on Functional Anatomy and hence it includes the study of Human Histology. Greater emphasis on functional anatomy of the I living subject rather than on the static structures of the cadaver, and on general anatomical positions and relations of the viscera, muscles, blood-vessels, nerves and lymphatic.Use of radiological anatomy is also a part of practical training.

The Physiology and Biochemistry Labs : Physiology laboratory is well equipped to teach the Human structure – functions, processes and interrelationship of different organs and systems.
This is easier to understand when taught as;
1. Haematology Practicals and Demonstration
2. Biochemistry Practicals and Demonstration
3. Nerve and Muscle Demonstration
4. Clinical Examination
5. Anatomy & Physiology Seminars

The Homoeopathic Pharmacy : Homoeopathic Pharmacy makes the subject of preparation and dispensing of Homoeopathic Medicine simpler and how the medicinal properties can be used to cure the sick as explained in Organon in the concept of Drug Proving and Drug Dynamization

Department of Organon of Medicine and Homoeopathic Philosophy : Inorder to nuture young minds to become good homoeopathic prescribers they need to be exposed to the History of Medicine and what really transformed Dr Hahnemann to experiment with Cinchona and evolve the Principles of Homoeopathy. The efforts to convince the students that Homoeopathy is an Art and Science of understanding of the man and his sickness and how to use the healing properties of medicine to bring about safe and permanent cure. This departments also motivates students to be good observers and use their inborn analytical mind to differentiate the uniqueness in each case.

Homoeopathic Materia Medica : The curative power of Homoeopathic Medicine is to be learnt through observation and Nature way of Healing. The observations when you prove a drug on Healthy human being is very vital to understand the medicinal curative power.