Expert Lectures

Round the year, guest talks, seminars and symposiums are organized wherein eminent personalities from the corporate world and renowned institutions are invited to share real life experiences with students. A good blend of theory and practice is experienced by students. The lectures were highly enlightening particularly for the younger generation of homoeopathic medical students to understand the pathology & advancement taking place in the field, around the world.

Expert talk on Thalassaemia

Awareness regarding Thalassaemia is important for the medical students, particularly the students of pathology & microbiology. So, the Pathology department organized the expert session on Thalassaemia. The speaker of this session was Dr. Atul Pandya, who is renowned MD pathologist & member of pathology counsil. His interest focused over thalassaemia, what exactly it is & how it affect to the social life of the suffering individual. What is the best way to overcome the spread of thalassaemia.