Student Exchange Program

International development lies at the core of Parul University’s efforts of teaching, training and development. Having emerged locally by the motto of “Yogah Karmsu Kaushalam” meaning, “Excellence in work is ultimate worship”, PU sees internationalization as an opportunity to improve quality across its Campus, both at an institutional level and in terms of its staff. PU is dedicated to contribute to tackle the modern global challenges. One of PU’s most vital priorities is strategic internationalization, balanced with an integrative atmosphere throughout the Campus. Hence, PU focuses on the establishment of strategic tie-ups with the Universities with expertise in this sector. To fulfill its international strategic goal PU has signed MoUs with various International Universities and Colleges and has been successfully organizing Student Exchange Program/Faculty Exchange Programs to gain international exposure. PU has set up International Relations Cell (IRC) with the objective to support and facilitate international academic services-engagement of Parul University’ Colleges. This Cell works in collaboration with all the colleges and faculties under Parul University – this department serves as a nodal point for all strategic Campus activities and engagements that are international in nature. This includes • Initiating dialogue and establishing relations with foreign academic and/or research institutions and similar bodies. • Collaborating with them and organizing visits of subject experts & students from foreign countries. • Mediating and facilitating student and faculty exchange programs. • Locally organizing and managing international programs with coordination of both Event Management Cell and concerned College/s on campus. • Administrating visits abroad, receiving and processing applications; preparation of study, work and financial agreements, monitoring visits, processing outputs of such visits. • Informing higher education aspirants (students) on Parul Campus of local (Indian) as well as foreign Government Grants, schemes, scholarships, etc. • Organizing sessions & workshops on Basic Communication Skills and Life-Skills for students aspiring towards Higher Studies in Foreign countries- this includes English and other foreign language coaching. • Participating in international fairs and inviting foreign academic institutions for greater dialogue and cooperation.