Expert Lectures

PICA is meticulously working on providing quality knowledge to their students and to do that, expert lectures are organized on regular basisduring the semester. We invite various experts from IT Industry, Experience Academicians from reputed Universities, IT Trainers, and Entrepreneurs etc. Experience of these Experts help the students to think beyond the boundaries and also helps them to learn new things which are beyond the regular teaching and learning.

Expert Lecture on Core Java

Expert lectures for the subject Core JAVA was organized on 16th May 2017 by BCA department for Semester 4 students. The speaker for the Expert lectures was Prof. Jaydeep Viradiya, who is assistant professor at PIET, Parul University. He gave thorough knowledge about brief introduction of various technologies of Core Java and GUI programming in Java during the sessions.

Expert Lecture on Advance Java (J2EE) :Hibernate

Parul Institute of Computer Application – BCA & IMCA had organized expert talk on 20th September 2016 conducted by Mr, MihirSuthar who is J2EE Expert. He had given brief talk on Hibernate and its importance in the real world.

Expert Lecture on Importance of Testing

Parul Institute of Computer Application – BCA & IMCA had organized Expert talk from senior software tester at TOPS technologies. He had delivered a whimsical talk about importance of testing.
Developer Company need to verify and test the user requirement in brief. Testing phase in the last SDLC which can identify the gap between developed software and user requirements. There are many types of testing fields available in the career of IT professional,Testing is a budding area to build their career. He had conveyed very good explanation about all the types of testing techniques and tools to the students.