Expert Lectures

PICA is meticulously working on providing quality knowledge to their students and to do that, expert lectures are organized on regular basis during the semester. We invite various experts from IT Industry, Experience Academicians from reputed Universities, IT Trainers, and Entrepreneurs etc. Experience of these Experts help the students to think beyond the boundaries and also helps them to learn new things which are beyond the regular teaching and learning.

Expert Talk on DBMS

On 27th January, 2020, Faculty of IT and CS, BCA Department, Parul University, Conducted an Expert talk on "DBMS". The session was attended by students of BCA/IMCA.Prof. Arpit Shah Sir introduced what is Normalization in Database Management system and how it is used in Organization.

E-Talk on Java Servlet

On 25th January, 2020, BCA Department organized an Expert Talk on “Servlets”. The session was attended by students of BCA & IMCA Semester 4. The session was started with introduction of Charmi Nayak, IIOT Developer by Prof. Priya Patel & Charmi Nayak started session with introduction to Servlets and covered following topics.Introduction to Servlets, Exploring Servlet API.

E-talk on Search Engine Optimization

An expert talk for the students was arranged on Search Engine Optimization on 15th February, 2020. The main motive behind this expert talk was to make students understand the knowledge about the techniques and method of SEO and how its work that’s used in industry were taken up by Mr. Vishal Makwana, SEO Executive, Sync Solution Pvt. Ltd.

Expert Talk by Mr. Harsh Mehta (Founder and Director of

An Expert talk was organized for BCA/IMCA and MCA students at PICA. Mr. Harsh Mehta (Founder and Director of A TYMK Group Company) explained students about the Entrepreneurship Journey with their experience with a good and bad situation who really encouraged our students to understand the concept of entrepreneurship in today's Era. The talk was quite fruitful and sensed to generate positive outcomes.

Expert Talk on Core JAVA

This expert lecture was conducted on 18/03/2019 for 4th semester students based on the subject “Core JAVA" by Mr. Mayur Agrawal (Software Specialist,eClinical Works, Ahmedabad.). This session was conducted with motive to encourage them for this subject so they can opt their career in this field. Thus it will create number of opportunity for career in near future.

Expert Talk on Data Communication Network

Sessions were planned on Network Layer & Transport Layer of Computer Network for the students of BCA & IMCA-3rd semester during 28th August to 31st August 2018. The sessions were conducted by Mr. Dipak Rai, Ex-Vice President of IT Department, Reliance industry & he covered introduction to network, Reference Models, IP address, Router, Routing Table, different Routing Protocol like OSPF, DV, LS etc., IPV4, IPV6, Signal, type of Signals, Transmission Media, Satellite Communication, Networking devices and how network layer and physical Layer work in computer network.

Expert Talk on Drugs Awareness

An Expert Talk was organized for “Drugs Awareness” on 22th Jan, 2018. Students of Semester 4 and 6 who are in Social cell attended the session. Prof. Drashti Pathak, Parul Institute of Pharmacy & Research, conducted the expert talk. The session was organized for General Awareness about Drugs, Drugs abuse, How to prevent drug abuse and various ways of drug abuse. The session created a high impact on students about being health conscious and not to use drugs.

Expert Talk on PHP

An Expert lecture has been organized to expand the knowledge of website Management using CMS (Content Management System) and the use of JQuery in PHP. Mr. Milind Ruparel, TPO, PARUL University conducted the session. Students of BCA and IMCA of Semester 3 attended this session organized on 30/11/17 (215 Seminar Hall) from 10:00 AM to 12:00 noon. The purpose of this expert talk was to give a brief understanding about What is CMS?, its advantages and disadvantages, use of Word press and Jquery.

Expert Talk on File Handling in C Programming

An expert talk was arranged for the students of BCA and IMCA of Semester – 1 in the subject of Fundamentals of Programming on “File Handling in C Programming”. The Session was conducted on 29/11/2017, from 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM. Mr.Akil Z. Surti from Enlighten Infosystem,Vadodara , conducted the session and started with introduction to what is File Handling in C Programming along with many topics like Different File operations,Reading and Writing from File using fprintf() and fscanf(),Reads/write a integer from a file using getw() and putw() etc and Some File Handling Program Examples.

Expert Talk on Computer Graphics

Computer graphics are pictures and films created using computers. Usually, the term refers to computer-generated image data created with help from specialized graphical hardware and software. It is a vast and recent area in computer science.
An expert talk on the topic Line and Circle Drawing Algorithms was organized for BCA and IMCA Students of Semester 6 on 23rd November 2017, to enable students understand the fundamentals and basic calculative part and importance of algorithm. Hands on different examples for each algorithm were also taken up.

Expert Talk on IT ethics and Resource Management

An Expert Talk on IT ethics and Resource Management was conducted by Mr. Chetan Shah, Head, IT Infrastructure L&T Technological Services, Vadodara for the BCA and IMCA students of Semester-6 on 23rd November 2017 from 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM. This talk aimed on Security management that details the process of planning and managing a defined level of security for information and IT services, including all aspects associated with reaction to security Incidents. Participants got basic knowledge of Management Processes and Security Management and how to check the basics security criteria’s on organization level.

Expert Lecture on Core Java

Expert lectures for the subject Core JAVA was organized on 16th May 2017 by BCA department for Semester 4 students. The speaker for the Expert lectures was Prof. Jaydeep Viradiya, who is assistant professor at PIET, Parul University. He gave thorough knowledge about brief introduction of various technologies of Core Java and GUI programming in Java during the sessions.

Expert Lecture on Advance Java (J2EE) :Hibernate

Parul Institute of Computer Application – BCA & IMCA had organized expert talk on 20th September 2016 conducted by Mr, MihirSuthar who is J2EE Expert. He had given brief talk on Hibernate and its importance in the real world.

Expert Lecture on Importance of Testing

Parul Institute of Computer Application – BCA & IMCA had organized Expert talk from senior software tester at TOPS technologies. He had delivered a whimsical talk about importance of testing.
Developer Company need to verify and test the user requirement in brief. Testing phase in the last SDLC which can identify the gap between developed software and user requirements. There are many types of testing fields available in the career of IT professional,Testing is a budding area to build their career. He had conveyed very good explanation about all the types of testing techniques and tools to the students.

Expert Talk on Women Empowerment

An expert talk on Women Empowerment was organized by Social Responsive Cell (SRC) on 19th January, 2018 from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. Mrs. Geeta Desai, President, University Women International (GWI) and Mrs. Swati Bedekar, Social activist, Secretary – Vatsalya Foundation and President addressed the session. Mrs Geeta talked on “How graduate female students can influence the policy makers towards building equal society”. Few Faculty members of BCA and All girl students attended the expert talk.