Faculty Development Programs

2-Week FDP on Fundamentals of Computer Science and Applications

Department of MCA, Parul University has planned to organize an FDP on Fundamentals of Computer Science and Applications for faculty members of FITCS. As per the suggestion given by Provost Sir, the FDP will be of two weeks. Aim behind this FDP is to facilitate a platform to the participants to not only recap the basics of Computer Science but also to let them understand important topics of fundamental subjects of Computer Science and Applications. The FDP will be perfect blend of theory sessions and hands on practical sessions in laboratory. Being the first FDP in the series of Computer Science and Applications, plan is to focus on theory subjects of next academic term such as – Data Structures, Operating Systems and Computer Networks. In addition, laboratory sessions will consist of fundamentals of Object Oriented Principles (C++), Java and PHP. Aim behind keeping Java is shortage of Java experts at present in department. And looking to the requirement of PHP in industry, PHP also will be covered; objective is to prepare more number of faculty members to help more number of students.