Inter Class Debate Competition

An inter-class debate competition was organised by the Parul Institute of Law on 12th and 13th August, 2016. The debate was on the issue of “Analysis of the concept of Capital Punishment”.
The debate was to initiate the most important aspect of being a lawyer, i.e., of quick wits and articulation of words.

Debate competition on “Surrogacy to be banned or allowed”

On the day of 15th September 2016, The Faculty of Law Organized debate competition on “ Surrogacy to be banned or allowed” . Dean of the Faculty of Law Dr. Kiran Gardner explained the issue of Surrogacy Bill on the background of recent controversy in India.
Overall 60 students from different institution under the Parul University participated in the debate competition.
• 1st Prize won by Tabaka Mayo , Zimbabwe (PIL)
• 2nd Prize Won by Endup Lepcha , Bhutan (PI BA)
• 3rd Prize won by Arjun Shikhawat, India (PIET)