Legal Aid Clinic

Towards fulfilling the preambular promise of securing to all the citizens, Justice – social, economic and political, Article 39 A of the Constitution of India provides for free legal aid to the poor and weaker sections of the society, to promote justice on the basis of equal opportunity. Parul Institute of law has taken initiative of fulfilling the Preambular promise and had set up a Legal Aid Centre for Public awareness, equal opportunity and deliverable justice. Parul Legal Aid Centre provides free legal aid to the weaker sections of the society and to ensure that opportunities for securing justice are not denied to any citizen by reason of economic or other disabilities. It organizes free Legal camps for legal literacy and awareness in various schools, villages and backwards areas in association with District Legal Services Authority. From the inception, the Legal Aid Centre has been involved in fostering legal aid and awareness. Under the aegis of Legal Aid Centre, a center for legal assistance to the people of North-East region of India has been established. Provost of the University Dr. M.N. Patel inaugurated the center. Mr. M.A. Mirza, Secretary of District Legal Service Authority (DLSA) from the District Court of Vadodara remained present during the ceremony.

Legal Awareness Rally Conducted by Parul Institute of Law

As part Legal Awareness, the Faculty of Law Organized a Rally at Parul University Campus with the banners on different legal aspects. All the Students under the Law Program participated in the Rally. The vibrant procession started from the Faculty of Law and went through the Limda village market where the students also distributed fliers regarding free legal aid to the localites. This reveals, how social responsibility from the perspective of the Faculty of Law, is a moral duty that has been set in motion from this date as they shall continuously be in legal service to the locals whenever they are called upon. From the market place, the campaign was further taken into the Parul University Campus where the students marched in the streets chanting legal awareness slogans against the tyranny of women, dowry stipulate and anti-ragging. The students further took part in an informative street play at the Parul Campus main canteen area, which drew the attention of a number of students as it was centered on the ills within the acts of ragging. Thus the main agenda of the street play was to stand as a warning to the students who practice ragging as well to inform the victims of ragging as to how the law is always on their side.