Legal Aid Clinic

Legal Aid Clinic, at Faculty of Law, Parul University, will provide hands-on- experience to the students and services to the underprivileged section of the society.  Students will normally provide research assistance, prepare draft for legal arguments, meet the Clients and provide them legal counseling.

Laws though made for the welfare of people but they will serve no purpose if people are not aware of the existing laws.  Thus, the Legal Aid Clinic of Faculty of Law will be established with following objectives.

  • To spread legal awareness among rural people in the in the adjacent villages of Parul University with the commonly  required laws like, Land laws, Insurance Laws and Criminal Laws.
  • Legal Aid will provide pro bono work in Consumer Protection and Motor Accident Cases.
  • It would provide the budding lawyers a platform to understand the practical reality being faced by the society.
  • Legal Aid Clinic will inculcate a social responsibility amongst the budding lawyers to serve the society.
  • Will assist people to make use of Right to Information Act to gain information to solve their legal issues.
  • In the country where there is poverty and inequalities, Legal Aid Clinic through its assistance will strive for the attainment of the goal of Social, Economic and Political Justice that are enshrined in our Constitution under the Directive Principles of State polices.
  • To resolve the disputes of the people in the locality, preventing the disputes from maturing into litigation. It will strive to make villages litigation free at least of Civil matters.
  • Legal Aid Clinic will work in Collaboration with District legal Service Authorities and Taluka Legal Service Committee.

To meet the above objectives the students along with the legal Aid Clinic Coordinator will visit nearby villages frequently to bring legal awareness. Similarly, as the campus of Parul University, itself consist of around 27000 students, legal awareness drive will be conducted within the campus also. A legal Aid Clinic office will be functional on the Campus.  Once in a week for 4 to 5 hours it would be open to general public, where Legal Guidance will be provided free of Cost. Frequent workshop sessions, Street plays, Legal literacy campus will be conducted to bring awareness about most commonly abused laws like, Domestic Violence Act, Dowry Prohibition Act, Sexual Harassment at work place, etc. General people will be assisted to draft application to seek information under Right to information Act. Students will assist the deceived customer to file a complaint in Consumer Forum. Students will also help victims to collect all the evidence and file cases under Motor Vehicle Act. Thus, while gaining practical experience they will use the knowledge gained for their own growth and for the benefit of society.

Legal Awareness Rally Conducted by Parul Institute of Law

As part Legal Awareness, the Faculty of Law Organized a Rally at Parul University Campus with the banners on different legal aspects. All the Students under the Law Program participated in the Rally.
The vibrant procession started from the Faculty of Law and went through the Limda village market where the students also distributed fliers regarding free legal aid to the localites. This reveals, how social responsibility from the perspective of the Faculty of Law, is a moral duty that has been set in motion from this date as they shall continuously be in legal service to the locals whenever they are called upon. From the market place, the campaign was further taken into the Parul University Campus where the students marched in the streets chanting legal awareness slogans against the tyranny of women, dowry stipulate and anti-ragging.
The students further took part in an informative street play at the Parul Campus main canteen area, which drew the attention of a number of students as it was centered on the ills within the acts of ragging. Thus the main agenda of the street play was to stand as a warning to the students who practice ragging as well to inform the victims of ragging as to how the law is always on their side.