Public Lecture Series

Public lecture series at Parul University aims to promote legal scholarship discourse and debate in forums that will enrich not only legal fraternity   but also the society.  Speakers for our Public lecture series will be distinguish Jurists, lawmakers, Judges, Scholars and Speakers from every stripe. They will be experts in their field and cover wide spectrum of topics related to law. These lectures will be open to public, students, alumni, university staff and those students who are considering a career in law and members of legal profession. In Short, it will be open to every member of the community who is interested in the issues currently affecting public life.  This will provide an opportunity to students and members of the public to acquaint themselves with subjects which may be outside their general knowledge and to learn from the leaders of the field.  It will also prepare students to meet the challenges faced by our nation and the world. Admission to the Public lecture series will be free of cost.  The Public lecture will be followed with question Answer session to encourage frank and open discussion. All he lecture will be video recorded and will be made available to students for further reference. We will begin the Public lecture series, very soon, with the topic, ‘The role of legal education in today’s society”. 

Session on Anti- Corruption

On 9th December,2016, on the occasion of Anti-Corruption Day, the students had attended a session on Anti Corruption, organised by the District Legal Services Authority and Anti Corruption Bureau. The session was addressed by Mr. Pankaj Aundhiya, Deputy Municipal Commissioner, Mr. M. A. Mirza, Secretary of District Legal Services Authority and Dr. Kiran Gardner, Dean, Parul Institute of Law. The Session facilitated via live telecast for viewing of the on-going programme of Hon’ble Gujarat High Court.

Public Lecture by Advocate Nalin Kohli

On 1st October 2016, students not only got opportunity to hear Advocate Nalin Kohli, Advocate Supreme Court of India and Additional Advocate General for State of Rajasthan and Spokesman of ruling party of the country (BJP), who delivered a lecture on, ´ The evolving Polity and Economy of India.” It was privilege for the students to interact with such eminent personality.