There are certain grey areas of law that needs lots of exploration and discussions. These laws have its significance at national and international levels.  Getting experts to deal in such area is herculean task though such laws affect large number of people.  Parul University, Faculty of Law, will be conducting workshop on following Subjects during the course of the programme to acquaint students with emerging areas of Law.
  • Consumer Laws
  • H.R. Laws
  • International trade laws
  • Media Laws
  • Maritime laws
  • Sports Laws

One day Workshop on “Consumer Protection Act & its Applications”

On 18th November, 2016, the Law faculty had organized one day workshop on the subject of consumer protection. The workshop was spread across wide range of topics starting from role and applicability of consumer protection act to steps involved in filing a complaint. The discussions were on the following: 1. Role & Applicability of Consumer Protection Act, By: Ms. Sneha Marathe 2. Consumer Protection Act With Reference To Indian Pharmaceutical And Healthcare Industry, By: Prof. Shantanu Chakravarty 3. Consumer Protection Act from the Aspect of Marketing, By: Dr. Bijal Zaveri 4. Steps in filing a Complaint in consumer Protection Act, By: Prof. Fomi Dwivedi