Dr. Jagdip Nanavaty

Principal, Sheth M.N. Law College Patan

Area of Specialization
LAW- Commercial Group / Environment

Total Teaching Experience

26 Years

Post- graduate

Guided 55 Students in LL.M. for dissertation work.


Guided 10 Students in dissertation work.

Academic Qualification

No. Exam Passed Board/University Subjects Passing Year Percentage
1. S.S.C S.S.C Board (Old) 1975 51.87 %
2. B.Com Sau. Uni.,Rajkot Ad/A/c 1979 46.71 %
3. LL.B.(Special) Sau. Uni.,Rajkot Law 1982 56.71 %
4. LL.M. Sau. Uni.,Rajkot Business Law 1988 54.38 %
5. Ph.D.

Notification No.


Date: 09/01/08

H.N.G.uni., Patan. Effects of industrial Hazards on environment, a legal study sp. Ref. to North Guj. 2008 Nil
6. Diploma in Labour Laws Sau. Uni.,Rajkot Labour Laws 1985 57.00%

Uni. First

7. CCC Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Open Uni., Amedabad. Computer 2007 87.00%


8. CCC+ Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Open Uni., Amedabad. Computer 2010


Teaching / Administrative Experience

Courses Taught Name of the University/College/Institution Duration


(1) A.M.P Law college Rajkot.

as an assistant prof.

(2) Sheth. M.N. Law College,

Patan as a principal.

·       10 yrs & 8 months.

·       From April 2000
Till Date



(1) Visiting faculty, Law Dept.,


12 years
Any other (1) Dean of Law faculty

H.N.G. Uni. Patan.

(2) Visiting faculty,Dept.of

Life Science,  H.N.G.Uni.

(3) Former Visiting faculty,

Journalism Dept. H.N.G.Uni.,


2 Terms


4 yrs


1 yrs

Research Experience & Training

Research Stage Title of work/Theses University where the work was carried out


Effects of industrial Hazards on environment, a legal study sp. Ref. to North Guj. Hem.N.G.Uni.


Research Guidance. Ph.D. guide.(Law)

·Hem.N.Guj.Uni., Patan.

·Singhania Uni., Raj.

·C.U.Shah Uni., Vadhvan,Guj.

At present, 7 students are doing research work under my guidance, 15 students have been awarded Ph.D. degree by Uni.

Minor Research Project

Funded UGC
Amount Sanctioned Rs. 1,00,000/-
Sanctioned Date: 24/11/2008
Duration: 2 Yrs.
Title of Project An Analytical study of effectiveness of Consumer Protection Act, 1986, Special Reference to North Gujarat.
Submitted Date: 08/12/2010

Research Papers

Sr. No Title with page No, Volume No, Year Journal ISSN / ISBN
1 Accountability in judiciary need of an Hour – Volume 1 – Feb – 2012 Page 1 GNLU – Conference Souvenir 978-819103893-4
2 Judicial independence and accountability – Volume -2 Feb – 2012 Page 37 Gujarat Law Journal 2249-9644


3 ADR Mechanism – Volume – 3 2012 – Page 17 UDGAM 2230-7478
4 Right to Education: The Human Rights Perspectives Feb – 2012 National Conference Souvenir  Proceeding


5 Financial Inclusion and Performance of Co-Op Bank in Gujarat – Volume – 3 – 2014 – Page 57 Gujarat Law Journal

National Law Uni.,


6 Role of Judiciary in Effective Protection of IPR Volume – 13(2) May – 2012 ‘Anart’ HNGU Publication 2229-4376
7 દયાની અરજી ગુનેગારોનુ સુરક્ષા કવચ – Volume – 1 – July – 2012 Page – 32 ‘Nishtha’ 22788 – 0289
8 સરકારી જડતાનુ વરવુ ઉદાહરણ ઍટલે ઉચ્ચ શિક્ષણની કચેરી અંક – 57 August – 2012 Page – 8 અભિદ્રષ્ટિ 0971 – 6629
9 Human rights of workers in hazardous process – Volume – 1 Page – 5 National Conference Souvenir

Law College,Modasa

978 – 81925717-0-6
10 Involvement of Intellectual in Cyber Crime Volume – 3 2013 – Page – 39 Adhikar Chetna 2278 – 1856
11 Gender Justice with in Parliament: A legal Panorama – Volume – 4 – 2013 – Page – 21 UDGAM 2230 – 7478
12 The Indian Constitution Dimension and Perspective Volume – 1 Feb–2014–Page–3 Saurashtra University

Law Journal

2277 – 6044
13 Right to education: The Indian Perspective – Volume – 5 2014, Page – 20 UDGAM 2230 – 1418
14 Dispute Redressed Forum Volume – II – July – Sept – 2014 –  Page – 118 Samajik Vichar Vigyan 2230169-X
15 Child Labor – An over view – Volume – II March – 2015 Page – 1 Journal of Indian Legal Physical & Social change 2319 – 3816
16 Electoral reforms: In India – Volume – 1 2014 Page – 25 Electoral Law & reforms 978-81925717-13
17 Effectiveness Of DNA: In Administration of Justice Volume – 2 Feb – March – 2015 – Page – 5 HESMA 2319 – 5959
18 Environment Protection and Sustainable Development Volume – 1 2015 Page – 245 Environment Protection & The Law National Seminar Souvenir

M.S.Uni., Baroda

19 Food Adulteration–A Threat to Consumer

Issue – 1  Jan – 2015

AVKASH 2394-8264
20 Judicial approach on protection of the Right to inheritance of the illegitimate child Saurashtra University

Law Journal

21 Freedom of Expression Problem & Perspectives Volume – 1 Page – 8 Academic Discovery  Review 23953136
22 On liberty, Volume – 2 May – 2015 Page – 22 Academic Discovery  Review 23953136
23 Need for more ADR Center and training Center for law years & personal Volume – 6 – 2015 Page – 181 UDGAM 22307478
24 Reflection on Administrative Reforms Volume – 6 2015, Page – 185 UDGAM 22307478
25 Human Rights Education in India 10 Days and Tomorrow Volume – 1 Feb – 2015 Sorath Sudha 23945648
26 Position of Child Labour in Unorganized Sector.

Issue-2 Jan- March-2015

Samajik Vichar Vigyan 2230169-X
27 A Study on Legal Education and Research

Issue-3  June-15

Academic Discovery  Review 23953136
28 Legal Framework of Tobacco Smoking.

Issue-3  June-15

Academic Discovery  Review 23953136
29 Pharma Industries and IPR

Issue – 2  June – 2015

AVKASH 2394-8264
30 Compensation to Victimized Person in Indian Perspectives.

Issue – 2  June – 2015

AVKASH 2394-8264
31 Corporate governance & CSR under the new legal regime National Seminar Souvenir

United world school of Law


Paper Presentation in Conference, Seminar


Sr. No Title of Paper Title of Conference Seminar Organized By
1 Higher Education…. A cross road. National Conference AICP AIPC Hydrabad 9th Dec 2003
2 Implications and imbalances of WTO Agreements National Seminar on EXIM procedure Department of Law Saurashtra University, Rajkot 31st March 2008
3 Curriculum of legal education & Challenges of globalization. Emerging Dimension of Legal education & legal Profession in India in Globalized situation Department of Law University of North Bengal 28th Feb to 1st March 2009
4 Electoral Reforms Electoral Reforms Department of Law Saurashtra University 22nd  March 2009
5 Human Rights & Environment Promotion and Protection Of HR in India Department of HR Saurashtra University, Rajkot, 27th & 28th  March 2009
6 Human Rights & Value education HR & Value education sensitization Concept & Challenges Department of HR Saurashtra University, Rajkot 3rd to 5th Oct 2009
7 HR of Mentally Disable Law disabled & Human right and Duties Faculty of Law, JNU University Jodhpur, 4th to 6th Sept 2010
8 HR Problems & Challenges HR and Value education Sensitization Concept & Challenges. Department of HR Saurashtra University, Rajkot 13rd to 15th Nov – 2010
9 Education and Environment AICP National Conference Punjab University, Chandigadh – 7th & 8th March 2010
10 Criminalization in Politics Criminalization in Politics. A serious threat in Democracy


M.N. Law College, Patan 9th and 10th Jan 2011
11 Legal studies & research in process Research Marathon workshop HNGU, Patan 10th to 12th Jan. 2011
12 Role of Bar Council of India in legal education CBSC MCQ Question Bank for 3rd LLB Saurashtra University, Rajkot 27th March 2012
13 HR of Workers in Hazardous process. HR of Industrial Labour in 21st Century. (Resource Person) N.S. Patel Law College, Modasa 13th to 14th Oct 2012
14 Synchronizing women power in Politics Changing status of woman Past, Present & Future P.K.Kotawala Arts College, Patan 6th & 7th Feb 2015
15 Rights of illegitimacies children Rights of Children

(Resource Person)

Department of Law Saurashtra University,

Rajkot 1st Feb 2015

16 Justifying women reservation with Ref. to India Law gender and social Transformation in India issue challenge. (Resource Person) Anand Law College, Anand. 8th Feb 2015
17 Effects of Religion on Law Religion and Law Department of Law Saurashtra University, Rajkot 18th April 2015
18 Child Labour: An over view New Paradigm in HR

(Resource Person)

D.D. Kotiyawala Law College, Porbandar 21st and 22ed March 2015
19 New Era of HR in 21st Century. A challenge in 21st Century. M.N. Law College Patan. 11th Jan 2015
20 Importance of English in Legal Education. Indian English Literature Contemporary Perspectives G.D.Modi College of Arts, Palanpur.
21 Status of women in modern times. Women Empowerment in 21st Century: A journey just Begun.

(Resource Person)

Anand Law College, Anand. 8th March  2016
22 Collegium v/s NJAC An Overview of The Indian Judicial System

(Resource Person)

Siddharth Law College,Surat.

25th  26th March 2016


Sr. No Title of Paper Title of Conference Seminar Organized By
1 Poster presentation on “Bio Diversity Theme” Creating excellence for sustainable society HNGU, Patan

15th & 16th May 2011

2 Right to Life 4th International congress of environment research SVNIT, Surat

15th to 17th Dec 2011

3 Climate change, a threat Good governance sustainable Development & Environment Justice in SAARC region Department of Law University of North Bengal, Silliguri

1st Feb 2012

4 Governance of HR under fundamental rights by Judicial construction Contemporary issue and challenges of HR in Era of globalization Gujarat Law Society

2ed & 3rd Aug 2014

5 Poster presentation on “Effects of low Carbon” Low Carbon Development All India Womens Conference,

Dept. of Law,

Sau.Uni. Rajkot.

Dt.2nd Aug, 2015.



Sr. No Title of Paper Title of Conference Seminar Organized By
1 Human rights: Indian perspective HR concept and emerging dimension Department of HR Saurashtra University,

10th Dec 1998

2 Child labour in India Human rights of Children & women H.J. law college, Bhavnagar

22ed Aug 2008

3 Legislature v/s Judiciary Conflict between judiciary & legislation M.N. Law College, Patan 31st Jan 2009

Book Published as Single Author, Co-Author or as Editor

Sr. No Title Type of Book Publication Publisher
1 Industrial hazard on environment Shree Nivas Publication
Jaipur – 2012
978-93-5032019-8 Single
2 Government policy of food security Hesma Publication, Gandhinagar – 2014 978-93-8458037-7 Single
3 Consumer awareness a case study Study guide educational publication, Rajkot 2014 978-93-8371549-7 Single
4 Money laundering, a sophisticated crime Study guide educational publication, Rajkot 2014 978-93-8371544-2 Single
5 Woman, Human rights and domestic violence Galaxy book company, Jaipur 2015 978-93-8372857-5 Single
6 Legal Perspectives of E-Commerce Study guide educational publication, Rajkot 2015 978-93-83715-63-3 Single
7 Human rights, a challenges in 21st Century
An Edited Book
Hesma Publication, Gandhinagar – 2015
978-9384580-31-5 Single
8 Conflict between judiciary and legislation
An Edited Book
Sheth M. N. Law College, Patan 978-819235065-3 Co-Author
9 MCQ Question Bank
Second LL.B.
Sau.Uni. Publication,Rajkot-2012 978-81-923506-3-9 Co-Author
10 MCQ Question Bank
Third LL.B.
Sau.Uni. Publication,Rajkot-2012 978-93-5104-441-3 Co-Author
11 Women Empowerment Women Empowerment Synchronizing the gender Power
By Dr. Jasprit Kaur Soni
Author Press New Delhi
978-81-7273-578-4 Chapter in Edited Book
12 Women Empowerment Through Various Legislations Law and Gender
By Dr. Rathin Bandopadhyay & Dr. Rajendra Dhar Dubey
Alpa Publication New Delhi
978-93-81465-13-4 Chapter in Edited Book

Design of Curriculum
Being a Dean of the faculty, I was involved in change in syllabus. At Present, being a Member of board of studies of our Uni., Sau. Uni. Rajkot, Gujarat Uni. Ahmedabad and Research Committee of VNSG Uni. Surat I am involved in finalizing the syllabus as per the guide lines of Bar Council of India and CBCS Pattern. I have been involved in many committees in our University.
Remedial Teaching/Student Counseling (Academic)
I have been delivering lecturers though BISAG regularly and also one of the   Co-ordinators  of  Sandhan Programme of Law subject.

Extension Work/Community Service
NAAC accredited our college with B (2.15 CGPA) grade in 2008. Our college was the first to approach NAAC in Gujarat so far as Law colleges are concerned. At present, as a consultancy service on non professional bases, I have guided 12 Law colleges for NAAC preparation. Our University has deputed me to guide college principals for preparation of Self Study Report for NAAC. Further, our college has been Re-assessed and Re-Accredited By NAAC in 2014 and awarded B (2.77 CGPA). Our College is first to be Re-Accredited by NAAC in Gujarat so far as Law colleges are concerned.

Our Law college is Located in Educationally backward area, I have conducted number of Legal Literacy Camps in remote area to aware rural citizens regarding provisions of Law.

I have conducted UGC sponsored one National workshop and one State level Seminar and one National Seminar in our college.

As a member of District Legal Service Committee, I have been guiding young Lawyers. Our College is conducting coaching classes for JMFC, APP and other Civil Services Exams regularly.

Higher Education Dept. of Gujarat decided to publish Law Journal. I have been appointed as a member of Editorial board.

Enrichment of Campus Life
(Hostels, sports, games, cultural activities)
In the field of sports, I represented Gujrat cricket team in All India Civil Service Cricket Tournament five times. I am also interested in Table Tennis and Valley- ball.

In Khel Mahakumbh, I am champion twice in Table-Tennis at District Level.

Professional Development Activities
I have participated  many National, International Regional Seminars, Conferences, and Workshops symposia and also presented research papers. I have also acted as a Resources persons and Chaired the sessions.

HNG Uni. has also assigned me responsibilities as a Co- Ordinator in Ph.D Cource Work.

Swarnim Gujarat Sports Uni Gandhinagar has appointed me as a panelist in Legislative Drafting Committee.

Membership/Participation in Bodies/Committees on Education And National Development

1 Ph.D. Guide (H.N.G.Uni., Patan.)
2 Ph.D. Guide (C. U. Shah University, Vadhavan)
3 Visiting Faculty, Law Dept., H.N.G.Uni., Patan.
4 Visiting Faculty, Dept.of  Life Science,  H.N.G.Uni., Patan.
5 Former Dean of Law faculty, H.N.G. Uni. Patan.
6 Former coordinator of Law Dept., H.N.G.Uni., Patan
7 Former Visiting faculty, Journalism Dept. H.N.G.Uni., Patan.
8 Former Member of BUTR and Academic Council
9 Board of Studies, .Gujrat.Uni, Saurashtra Uni, VNSG Uni,.
10 Member of Research Committee of S.P. Uni and South Guj. Uni. Surat
11 Member of Editorial Board, Gujarat Law Journal, GNLU, Gandhinagar and Sau.Uni, Law Journal, Sau.Uni, Rajkot.
12 Member of Anti Ragging Committee of H.N.G.Uni., Patan.
13 Member of Inquiry Committee of H.N.G.Uni., Patan. Regarding Irregularities in Constructions Headed by Former Chief Secretory Of Gujarat P.K.Laheri.
14 Member of Executive Council(Syndicate) H.N.G.Uni., Patan