Dr. N. K. Indrayan

Date of Birth

Present Position
One of the Senior most Professor of Law and  Research Guide in the Country.Professor & Head  since 15-6-1994.Twenty persons have done Ph.D. under the Guidance of the candidate.Chief Justice of Patna High Court has done Ph.D. under the Guidance of the candidate.

  • The book written by the candidate finds place in Library of Harvard University.
  • Experience as Head of the Department since last more than 15 years.
  • Have been a Member of Syndicate.
  • Have been a Member, Gujarat State Legal Services Authority.
  • Vice-President,  Association of Law, Teachers and Institutions, New Delhi.

Worked as Managing Editor of “Indian Journal of Legal Studies” published by Faculty of Law, University of Jodhpur,  Chief Editor,  Journal of Indian Legal System, Saurashtra.

Worked as expert in more than 30 selection committees for the selection of Lecturers./ Assistant Professors / Associate Professors / Professor / Principals etc.

Member(Advisory Board of Journal)
“Vidhika”, published by “Bharatiya Vidhi Academy” Muzaffarnagar and Nyay Path published by Gujarat State Legal Services Authority, Ahmedabad.

Chief Senior Superviser
Worked as Chief Senior Supervisor in conduct of examination of large number of students.

Gujarat Law Teachers’ Forum.

Examiner, Ph.D
Worked as Examiner for more than  50  Ph.D. Theses.

Director Evaluation Centre
Worked several times as  Director Evaluation Centre in conduct of central evaluation.

Worked as Convenor of Paper Setting Committee in LL.B. / LL.M. Examinations.

Assistant Proctor
Worked as Assistant proctor (Law) of Jodhpur University for several years.

Chairman Admission Committee
Worked as Chairman, Admission Committee(Law) in Jodhpur University.

Member : Local Investigation Committee
Worked as Member, Local Investigation Committee for considering affiliation of Colleges to Saurashtra University, umpteen number of times.

Examiner, UPSC and PSC, Inst.of Company Secretaries etc.
Worked on the panel for setting questions in Law for UPSC several times. Also examiner in examination of selecting RJS officers. Etc.

Vice-Chancellor’s Nominee
In selection committees in a large number of cases.

Legal Committee, Saurashtra University.

Estate Committee, Saurashtra University.

Finance Committee, Saurashtra University.

Chairman LL.M. Examination
Worked as Chairman, LL.M. Examination for 10 years.

Senate, Faculty and Board of Studies, Saurashtra University, North Gujarat University & Jodhpur University & South Gujarat University, Gujarat University

Member Co-ordinator
NAAC Peer Team for  three colleges in Karnataka and in Maharashtra.

Resource Person

  • Refresher Course on Law of Contract, University School of Law, Gujarat University, 1986.
  • Silver Jubilee Seminar, Saurashtra University, 1992.
  • Workshop on Legal Research and Writing, Mehsana, 1993.
  • Legal Literacy Camp for Women, (North Gujarat University), Patan, 1995.
  • Seminar on ‘Family Law in 21st Century’, University School of Law, Gujarat University, 1996.
  • Seminar on ‘Constitutional Crises’,University School of Law, Gujarat University, 1997.
  • Seminar on ‘Constitution on Cross-Roads’,Godhra Law College, 1997.
  • Seminar on ‘Women and Law’, Gujarat Law Teachers’ Forum, Himatnagar, 1998.
  • Seminar on ‘Law, Human Responsibility and Just Social order’, Faculty of Law Jai Narayan Vyas University, Jodhpur, 1999.
  • Seminar of “Law Empires”, S. University,Vadodara, 2004.
  • Seminar on ‘Judicial Activism’ M.S.University, Vadodara, 2005

Chairing Session

  • Chaired 3rd session in ‘Refresher Course on
    ‘Law of contract’ University School of Law, Gujarat University, 1986.
  • Chaired 2nd session of Silver Jubilee Seminar of Saurashtra University, 1992.
  • Co-chairman 3rd session of Gujarat Law Teachers’ Conference, Mehsana 1994.
  • Co-chaired 2nd session of workshop on Legal Writing and Legal Research., Mehsana 1994.
  • Chaired 2nd session of Legal Literacy Camp For Women at N.S. Patel Law College, Modasa.
  • Chaired 2nd session in Seminar ‘Constitution on Cross-Roads’, Godhra, 1997.
  • Chaired 3rd session of Seminar on ‘Family Law in 21st University School of Law, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad 1996.
  • Chaired 4th session of seminar on ‘Constitutional Crisis’, University School of Law, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, 1997.
  • Chaired 1st session of Seminar on ‘Women and Law’ Gujarat Law Teachers’ Forum, Himmatnagar, 1998.
  • Chaired 5th session of seminar on ‘Law, Human Responsibility and Just Social Order’, Jainarayan Vyas University, Jodhpur, 1999.
  • Chaired 2nd Session of Seminar on ‘Judicial Activism’, S. University, Vadodara.
  • Chaired, 1st business session of International Conference to Intellectual Property, Delhi University 2012.
  • Chaired, 1st Session of International Advanced Level Workshop on Intellectual Property, Delhi University, 2012.

Head of the Dept.

  • August 1994 to August 1996.
  • 16 August 1998 to 16 December 1988.
  • 17 August 1992 to 10 November 1992.
  • 30 November 1993 to February, 1994.
  • 14 June 1994 to date.

List of Publications

  • “LAW & PUBLIC OPINION IN INDIA’ based on extensive research work carried on as per survey design and consisting of application of various theories of Law to Indian situation, Finds place in Harvard University Library.
  • ‘MILITARY LAW IN INDIA’ encasing results of a Herculean project thoroughly examining and researching into all sections of vast Military Law, priced at Rs.250/- . With a foreword by Justice M.T. Thakkar, Supreme Court of India.  Catalogued by Library of American Congress.
  • LABOUR ECONOMICS’ from Legal Angle, a book on Economics by lawmen from legal point of view ISBN – 81-8198-047-6.


  • ‘SCIENCISM AND LAW’ International Journal of Jurisprudence and  Philosophy of Law, Jan-Dec.-2007.
  • ‘SOME MORE HINDSIGHT INTO THE DEFINITION OF LAW’, Indian Bar Review, Vol. 28(1), Jan-March-2001.
  • ‘OBJECTS,  AIMS, OR PURPOSES  OF THE PEOPLE IN MAKING LAW’,Golden Jubilee Souvenir of Bar Council of Gujarat, 2012.
  • ‘JURISPRUDENTIAL IMPLICLATIONS OF MATERIALISM-SPIRITUALISM DILEMMA’, Civil & Military Law Journal, volume 21, numbers 3 & 4,year 1983-84, ISSN – 0045-7043.
  • ‘CONCEPT OF SOCIO-ECONOMIC JUSTICE’, jointly Gujarat Law Reporter, 1989, Vol.xxx(2), Issue-7.
  • ‘A NEW LOOK AT THE THEORY OF INTERESTS’, Civil & Military Law Journal,  volume 43, Numbers-3+4, Issues-175-176, July.Dec.-2007.
  • ‘LAW, HUMAN RESPONSIBILITY AND INTERPLAY OF INTERESTS’, Souvenir of Jayanarayan Vyas University, Sept. 3 & 4, 1999.
  • ‘LAW SHOULD BE A MIRROR’, Souvenir, Bar Council of India, 2004.
  • ‘INTERVENTIONISM INVOLVES NEGATION OF EGALITERIANISM’,The  Young Lawyers, Number-15, 10.2.1995 volume-3, Issue -4-5.
  • ‘LEGISLATIVE ELITE : THE SITUATION AND SUGGESTIONS’, Journal of Constitutional And Parliamentary Studies, Volume 27, Numbers 1 to 4,  Jan-Dec. 1993.
  • ‘ELECTORAL MALPRACTICES : ROOT OF ALL CORRUPTION’, Journal0f  Indian Legal System, Dec. 2011, Volume 1, Number-2.ISSN : 2277-4254
  • ‘REDUCTION IN CORRUPTION –PRACTICAL IMPLICATIONS’, Journal of  Indian Legal System, Vol.1, Number-1, June-2011.ISSN : 2277-4254
  • ‘PRO-RURAL POOR LEGISLATION AT THE BEGIN OF FREE INDIA AND PUBLIC OPINION’,The Indian Journal of Legal Studies, December, 1997, Volume 17.
  • ‘LINK OF PRESENT LEGAL SYSTEM TO 19TH CENTURY’, Journal of Law Teachers and Institutions, 2012.
  • ‘MEANING OF RIGHT TO WORK’, AIR, Journal, Volume-10, October 1991
  • ‘SANVIDHAN KE UDDESHYA DHYEY ATHWA MULYA’, Mahila Vidhi Bharati, Volume 7, Number 27, April-June 2001.
  • ‘CONSTITUTIONAL FRAMEWORK & EQUALITY AMONG CHILDREN’,Kurukshetra Law Journal, volume 8 & 9, year 1982-83.
  • ‘ARTICLE  356’, Silver Jubilee Souvenir of N.S. Patel Law College, Modasa, Gujarat.
  • SUGGESTION FOR ENACTMENT OF DISASTER MANAGEMENT ACT’,Nyaypath, Number 55, April-Sept.-2001, Issue – 5+6,
  • ‘FOUNDATIONS OF THE LAW OF THE CONTRACT’, Supreme Court Journal, Vol. 2, May, 1995.
  • ‘THEORETICAL BASIS OF LAW OF CONTRACT’, Journal of the Indian Law Institute, Volume-38, Number -2, April-June 1996.
  • ‘CONTROL OF POVERTY THROUGH PRICE REGULATION LAWS’, The Indian Journal of Legal Studies, Volume III, year 1980.
  • ‘LAW OF CORPORATE GOVERNANCE’, Souvenir of the National Seminar on New Economic Policy, Lucknow University, 2008.
  • ‘POST-INDEPENDENCE LEGISLATIVE EXPLOSION AND THE NEED OF WIDENING THE SCOPE OF LAW COURSES’, Civil And Military Law Journal, Volume, 23, Number -4, ISSN – 045 -7043 , Oct.-Dec. 1987.
  • ‘THE CHALLENGE OF LEGAL EDUCATION : THE CURRENT SCENARIO’, Indian Bar Review, Volume 28(4), Oct.-Dec. 2001.
  • ‘LEGAL AID AND LEGAL EXTENSION’, Supreme Court Journal, Volume -1, March 1988.
  • ‘LABOUR  LAWS AND LOK-ADALAT’, Souvenir of Labour Law Practitioners Association.
  • ‘LOK-ADALAT – SUITABLE TO INDIAN CONDITIONS’, Golden Jubilee Souvenir of Rajkot Bar Association, 2003.


  • ‘SAMANYA MANAS MATE GNAN SHASTRA’, Satyanweshan, Surat, July-August, 1997, Vivekpanth – Dec.-Jan – 2004-5,
  • ‘MEANING AND IMPORTANCE OF SCIENCE’, Souvenir, 77th Annual Conference of Rationalist Association of Indian,
  • ‘GNAN SHASTRA ANE VAIGNANIK ABHIGAM’, Vaignanik Abhigam Na Prasar Man Madhyamo No Phado,
  • ‘STATE OF LEGAL EDUCATION IN INDIA : A MATTER OF SHAME FOR NATION’, The Young Lawyers, Volume -3, 10.12.1994.

Seminar/Symposia/Conference Etc.

  • A paper “BHARAT MA BINSAMPRADAYIKTA” presented in seminar organized by ‘think together’ December, 1992.
  • A paper “STATUS OF LEGAL RESEARCH IN SAURASHTRA” presented at Silver Jubilee Seminar of Saurashtra University, March’93.
  • A paper “PREPARATION FOR LEGAL RESEARCH” presented in workshop on “Legal Research & Writing”, Mehsana, October, 1994.
  • A paper “RIGHTS AGAINST POLICE” presented at law seminar at Jamnagar, 1995.
  • A paper “INVESTOR PROTECTION THEOUGHT LAW” presented in National Seminar, organized by Commerce Dept., October 1997.
  • Values in Major Legal System of the World , Abu, 1995.

  • A paper “FUNCTIONAL JURISPRUDENCE OF MARRIAGE” presented in Seminar organized by University school of law, Gujarat University, 1998.
  • A paper “GENDER EQUALITY UNDER THE CONSTITUTION” presented at Seminar GLTF, 1998.
  • A paper mentioned at No.17 above presented at national seminar, organized by Jai Narayan Vyas University, Jodhpur, September, 1999.
  • A paper “LEGAL FRAMEWORK FOR EXPORT-IMPORT” presented in UGC Sponsored Seminar, Saurashtra University, 2000.
  • A paper “OPERATION OF PART I OF THE CONSTITUTION” presented in UGC Sponsored Seminar, Saurashtra University, 2001.
  • A paper “IMPORTANCE OF LAW OF PATENT : INDIAN PERSPECTIVE” presented in HRD Sponsored Seminar, Saurashtra University, 2002.

Radio / Tv Talks

  • Interview of CIT, 29.6.88.
  • Labour welfare from the point of view of Constitution, 1.1.92.
  • Real effect of Labour Laws, 3.6.92.
  • Human relations in Industry, 5.8.92.
  • Questions and Answers on Factory Act, 1.8.93.
  • Privatisation 29.1.2002.
  • Fundamental Rights and Duties 17.9.2002.
  • Violation of Human Rights 10.12.2002.
  • Implementation of Patent Rights 25.6.2003.
  • Why Children are deprived of their rights 20.11.2003.
  • ON Declaration of Children’s Rights 17.9.2004.
  • Introduction to Human Rights 29.9.2005.
  • Problems and Challenges before the Republic 26.1.2008.

Works Quoted By Others

  • Law and Public Opinion in India, (referred at number 1 in list of publications quoted in :
    “Modern Labour Laws and Industrial Relations” by Mr. Srikanta Mishtra.
  • Military Law in India, (referred at number 2 in list of research publications) quoted in :
    • “Study and Practice of Military Law”, by Col. G.K. Sharma.
    • Article 33, Armed Forces and the Judicial Attitude, by Paramjit Kaur, Published in Civil and Military Law Journal.
  • Paper, “Meaning of Right to Work” (referred at number 10 in the list, quoted in :
    Modern Labour Laws and Industrial Relations” by Mr. Srikanta Mishra.
  • Paper ‘Legal Philosophy of John Locke’ GLR.
  • Forewords Written
    Written  “FOREWORD” 

    • to a book on ‘Humanism and Human Rights’.
    • to a book on ‘Copy Right Law’.
    • to a book on ‘Foreign Investment Law’.

    Included In

    • World’s Who’s Who of Men and Women of Distinction (CV International) 1994.
    • Biography International 2001.
    • Contemporary Who’s Who 2003.
    • Asia / Pacific Who’s Who 2005.
    • Who’s Who in the World 2006.
    • Who’s Who in Asia (Marquis) 2006.
    • Afro-Asian Who’s Who 2006.
    • Who’s Who in world (Marquis) 2008.

    Awards / Recognition / Chosen / Inclusion

    • 2000 Millennium Medal of Honour – 1999.
    • Rising Personalities of India – 2000
    • International Penguin Publishing House.

    • Man of the Year 2001, ABI – 2001.
    • American Medal of Honour, ABI – 2001.
    • Distinguished and Admirable Achievers – 2005.
    • South – Asia (IWTL) Pub.Co.

    • International Educator of the year , IBC – May 2007.
    • 2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21st Century, IBC – June 2007.
    • 21 Century Award for Achievement, IBC – July 2007.
    • The Decree of Excellence in Education – Aug. 2007.
    • The IBC Top 100 Educators 2008 – Feb.-2008.