Teaching Methodology

Uniqueness of the law programme at Parul University will be its teaching methodology. Teaching will be student centric with aim at holistic development of the students. Every subject, every class, every activity and every exercise will be directed to achieve learning outcomes that will finally contribute to the graduate attributes.

It is a proven fact that 20% of learning takes place by hearing, 30 % by seeing and 50% by doing things by oneself.  Therefore more emphasis will be on experiential learning.  Teaching will incorporate Debates, Presentations, Moots, Mock Trials, Seminars, Role plays, Research projects (Doctrinal and Non Doctrinal), Drafting, Pleading, Client counselling, Exercises for Examination-in-chief and Cross Examination,  Group discussion, Street Plays, Panel Discussions, etc so that students’ critical, analytical reasoning capacities get sharpen. Legal Language, public speaking and communicative English courses are designed in such a manner that each student will get professional help for improving their social and professional presentation skills.

Research skill is soul of legal profession. Irrespective of   the professional choice and individual makes, there is no scope of growth in legal profession without Research.  Research Methodology will be taught in the first semester itself, thereafter students will be encouraged to conduct research on their own. Component of dissertation is incorporated in the programme to give impetus to research.  It is very important for a legal professional to articulate his views persuasively. Dissertation will  not only engage  students with law and justice issues experientially but they would also be able to apply the law in an articulate and persuasive manner.