Expert Lectures

At Parul University , eminent speakers from the industry are invited to impart best educational light and enlighten our students with their ideas and experiences they share with us .Guest Lecture is a way of enriching our students with the latest updates of the field. The Students are bestowed with 360 degree knowledge..

Expert Session by Mr Vikram Kharvi, Vice President, adfactors PR, Mumbai

Mr Vikram Kharvi, Vice President, adfactors PR, Mumbai interacted with students Journalism and Mass Communication of Parul University about latest trends and practices of media world.

Expert Session by Mr. Parvez Shaikh, CEO, Purple Crayon Advertising

Expert Session was organized under the Entrepreneurship Development Cell and Department of Mass Communication & Journalism, the session focused on how to be an entrepreneur and having your own advertising agency.A very interactive, fun and informative session by Mr. Parvez Shaikh, the CEO of Purple Crayon Advertising. The students were absorbed in his presentation about his passion of being an entrepreneur. The session focused on what it takes to be an entrepreneur, difference between entrepreneur and start-ups, necessities and challenges faced, what success would mean and making a mark in the advertising industry. The session was full of examples such as - statistics about a few start-ups, top names in the industry and inspirational stories for all the hidden entrepreneurs.

Expert Session by Mr. Alok Thaker, Alok Thaker Productions

Expert Session was organized under the Entrepreneurship Development Cell and Department of Mass Communication & Journalism, the session focused on establishing your own production house and the elements of production and film making. Students from all departments attended the session.The session was an interactive one with focus about being an entrepreneur in the entertainment industry with one’s own production house and understanding the process of making short films and videos. The talk began with a presentation about pre-production, production and post-production, with all the detailed elements. In the process, the steps and elements of film making were discussed in depth; how to plan, execute, getting necessary approvals, difficulties you would face in the process, challenges and the benefits were all spoken over. The session also included multiple video and audio clips to demonstrate the practical aspects to students.

Expert Lecture on Importance of foreign language- French and Enriching Student’s Vocabulary

On the 27th March 2017, an expert talk was held for the Language French, for Arts, B.Com, and M.Com students. The expert talk was very well organized by Faculty of Arts. Ms. Parul Talegaonkar gave a wonderful and very motivating session for an hour. Ms. Parul began with introduction that took a few minutes. She mentioned what we will be learning throughout the lecture and undoubtly was able to keep her word. She was very impressive, especially the way she engaged all the students in the session. She cleared all our doubts of having chosen French as a second language, she gave us all importance’s and how it helps in attaining a better career. It gives an individual a plus point of knowing another language, as it helps interaction not just locally but international basis. It was a very interesting lecture, she taught us the right manner of pronunciation in French and easier ways to know how a particular word is pronounced. She taught us a few topics which were colors and seasons. She was also able to compare how a French sentence is conducted versus English sentences, for our understanding. It was an amazing session and Parul University gave us a great opportunity to gain more knowledge about a Language through an expert Ms. PARUL who is a powerful speaker Indeed.

Expert Lecture on CALL

An expert session on Computer – Assisted Language Learning (CALL) was conducted by Ms Claire Bradin Siskin from RELO USA. In her lecture she discussed the meanings of freeware, shareware, and Creative Commons, and usage of the tools for the language teaching. She also made teachers aware of free teaching resources available especially technology tools. Every year, many expert lectures are conducted. The Experts from industry and academics are invited by Department of Faculty of arts to discuss on various current topics. These enriching lectures provide a platform for students to clear their doubts, get answer to their innumerable questions, and even put forth their views on matters relevant to their studies and their careers.