The workshops are conducted with an objective to create platform to learn and develop skills with the help of an expert. Being exposed to these practices makes students more prone towards learning and getting better with each session. Continuance of studies and workshop on a parallel note can configure various academic highlights. It is always a nice option to exercise the textbook tools with technological know how. Students attending such workshops can demonstrate their capabilities and can further more update their knowledge through such platforms.

Workshop on “Visual Communication”

A workshop on Visual Communication for students of Mass Communication department, Faculty of Arts was conducted by Rajeet Shah and Karan Bhatt of Dreamvoxmedia on 21 st February 2018. The workshop was divided into two parts: (a) Technical – It offered students with basics of a digital single lens reflex camera and the different kinds of angle and frame size to use for a scene or picture enhancement; (b) Creative – It dealt with writing of a concept, script, climax and screenplay.

Workshop on “L-earn India”

To add to the league of achievements of Parul University – Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Commerce conducted a two-day seminar on “L-Earn India” by Mastermind foundation for students of the Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs. These 12 hours of expert training programme were divided into four parts- Dealing with the 21st Century, The Unstoppable. K.A.S.H (Knowledge, Attitude, Skills and Habits), Self S.W.O.T.

With the help of excellent mentoring by experts from the field, a total of 100 participants made optimum utilisation of their time and did some serious self-introspection. The students got an insight into what the career or future ahead holds for them. They learnt how to use their heart and mind, in correct proportion, to be placement-ready and face the challenges of the world outside college.

Workshop on EXCEL

The Workshop on Excel is preceded to SPSS so that the students are trained with basics of analysis. Use of Microsoft excel for analysis gives students the confidence to work on project involving data sets. The workshop is conducted in the computer lab of the department. Discussions with the workshop instructor helps students get a firsthand experience on the spot.