Parul Institute of Business Administration

Parul Institute of Business Administration has been Ranked 2nd Time in a Row Among the top 75 BBA Colleges across India. The objective of this research by Times of India was to arrive at a list of top BBA colleges offering full-time courses in India.

Parul institute of business administration falls under the faculty of management studies affiliated to Parul University since the academic session,2015 whereas the earlier batches are affiliated to Gujarat University. The epicenter of the institute is to develop and nurture the skills of youth which will help them to be a better business manager in future.

In today’s complex economic scenario selecting a career is always difficult for students who have just completed twelve years of schooling. There are several paths from which the students have to select a right way which will lead them toward their dreams. Parents many a time is influenced by information overload, but in this particular point aspiration to become a business manager can always be a wise choice. Pertinent point is either we opt for a job or join family owned business while create own startup, in all cases we have to manage a situation for survival & growth to excel further. We at Parul Institute of Business Administration focus on mindset developments of the youngest brain by understanding student’s aspiration so that we can aspire and shape their dreams through experiential learning process. Nurturing aspiration to match the future challenges by developing analytical mindset is the pedagogy set for institute where faculty support students as mentor for day to day development.

Transformation to the personality can well be observed & perceived by parents after three years of rigorous academic process adopted by the institute. Creating a successful corporate citizen is the inbuilt process & practices adopted by well-trained faculty pool by working together philosophy. We at Parul Institute of Business Management believe in moulding the overall personality of a student which helps them to be a successful business manager.
As per the survey of India Today 2019, out of 120 top most B schools in India, PIBA got 104th rank.