Expert Lectures

In today's environment, hoarding knowledge ultimately erodes your power. If you know something very important, the way to get power is by actually sharing it. A Lecture is an occasion when you numb one end to benefit the other.Business Scenario in today’s context considering and looking for dynamic and vibrant leadership style. Our focus is to nurture student by arranging expert lecture on regular intervals. We consider various topics they study in their course and invite experts either form industry or even training background so that 360 degree knowledge can be developed Parul Institute of Business Administration also gives utmost importance to practical exposure and interaction to its budding managers. For this, eminent speakers from the industry are invited to impart best educational light and enlighten our students with their ideas and experiences they share with us.Guest Lecture is a way of enriching our students with the latest updates of the Industries and Technicalities. The Students are bestowed with knowledge about Industry needs, latest technical updates, Avenues for Higher studies etc.

Expert Talk by Dr. Milind Vora, Accredited Management Teacher on Managerial Economics

Expert Lecture on Follow your Dreams

“Follow your Dreams”, Everybody says that … true. But if the same words are said by award winner of “Gujarati Innovation Society”. Yes, the trend setter of Gujarati movies-Abhishek Jain came to our campus and interacted with students about his experiences in film industry. He shared his experiences about the two films which “kevi Rite Jais” and” Bey Yaar”, and how films are directed. He removed the myths of students about how glamour’s the industry looks but actually how the efforts are? How many working hours are there? And he broke all the myths about this.

Expert Lecture on How To Become Successful Business Man

More than 120 students from BBA dept attended the session headed by Neha Kare, the youngest entrepreneur of Maharastra chamber of Commerce. She boosted the confidence of Students of BBA by talking about the challenges and threats she faced as a young entrepreneur of the startup “Mirror Salon”. She talked about the world of opportunities available to entrepreneurs, how to start up business, the help available and then take the business to new heights. Students asked her about he doubts they had which she happily sorted out. The session was so interactive that it exceeded its normal time.