Industrial Visits

Study without practical approach is not considered as worth in this challenging and competitive environment. We here in Parul institute of business administration is focused and determined to develop students as future business professional. Putting that aim in mind we always take our students to various industries in order to make them understand the classroom concepts in a better and innovative way.Bachelor of Business administration is the foundation course; industrial exposure is an important aspect. Students learn various business operations by visiting various industries either manufacturing or service sector with repute.We encourage our students to visit industry along with faculty guide in small groups for better interaction. Faculty along with students together interacts with industry many a time.

Industrial Visit at Silvass

Sixty students with two faculty members visited silvasa in the RR cable and Alok industries. The visit provided them with valuable inputs about the functional differences in different companies.They were also able to discuss the problems faced by management in Human Resources, Marketing, Production, Finance etc and the possible outcomes. This process helped in developing their decision making skills during adverse situations and practical aspects which due to lack of experience they might not consider.In the process they developed their communication skills, interpersonal and group skills etc.

Industrial Visit at Goyani Machines Pvt. Ltd

Pet Jars and bottles are inevitable in our daily use. Curious students of BBA went to Goyani Machines Pvt. Ltd to find out on which machine ,this process is carried out. Their curiosity and eagerness to learn were satisfied by the Engineering- in- charge of the company who explained in his simple, lucid language the complicated working of Injection Molding Machines. They visited the production floor, the layout, and could co relate it with the theory they studied at Production and Operations management. This was one of the learning experiences where they were able to learn about the operations of Machines and how a single machine can be used to make a variety of products.Being an engineering firm, the students were able to come up with management solutions which can increase the productivity of workers.