Expert Lectures

Parul Institute of Engineering & Technology-MBA realizes the importance of giving additional inputs to the students in the form of expert lectures in addition to academic knowledge being imparted during class room lectures. We have been arranging at least one guest lecture every month. We give utmost importance to practical exposure and interaction to its budding managers & engineers. For this, eminent speakers from the top industry are invited to impart best educational light and enlighten our students with their ideas and experiences they share with us. The fascinating lectures on various topics boost the confidence of new aspirants as the lectures end with motivating question and answer sessions. Distinguished guest lecturers speak on various important topics that would prove beneficial for them while choosing the right career paths.

Expert Lecture on Inflation Accounting

An expert session on Inflation Accounting was organized on 26th November, 2016 by Parul Institute of Engg. & Tech. (MBA). The speaker of the session was Dr. Yagnesh Dalvadi, Associate Professor at Sardar Patel University. Dr Dalvadi spoke about the importance of Inflation Accounting, as to why Inflation Accounting was introduced. He spoke about the limitation of Historical Cost Accounting System i.e. fails to show the true and fair value of organization. Therefore, AICPA introduced Inflation Accounting. Inflation Accounting is a system of accounting which can be used during periods of high inflation.

Expert Lecture on Creativity in Entrepreneurship

An Expert Session on entrepreneurship was delivered by Ms. Kalpana Amin on 22 November 2016 at Parul Institute of Engineering & Technology (MBA), Parul University Vadodara. The objective of seminar was to motivate students to have an entrepreneurial mindset. To make them aware about how one can unlock their creativity in Entrepreneurship. Kalpana Amin is born and raised in Kenya, East Africa. A creative soul, she was inclined towards art since childhood. She dreamt of being an artist and devoting her life to “making spaces, people, and things look better.” Growing up, she dabbled in needlework, photography, and painting. Kalpana studied art at Cambridge and trained as a beautician on the side. She settled in India upon her marriage.