Various workshops are frequently organized to help students and faculty to keep them abreast with the latest developments in the field of Management. The workshops provide practical learning to participants; hence they serve the purpose of bridging the gap between real world and academics.

Career Development Workshop

An expert lecture on role of Management Skills in life by Ms. Shivangi Pathak was conducted on 28th August, 2014. Ms Pathak is coordinator in Baroda Management Association. She helped the students to understand the importance of Management Skills in life. Students learnt many management skills like leadership, time management, people management, contingency approach etc.

Workshop on Corporate Culture

Globalization has propagated economic opportunity, elevated Human rights and improved access to information, Technology and goods for people all over the world. Globalization disperses any and every culture throughout the world, making the planet more heterogeneous, forging deeper connect between different groups. For example, Teens in United States gain and understanding of Japans culture through animation, comic books and Video games while teens throughout Asia learn about the Americans way of life by watching united State TV shows and Movies.

While talking about globalization, we must focus on developing local market also so that we can globalize our product and services. We have to bring together. He shared the factors influencing HR practices at Shaily Engineering & Plastics Ltd. He also explained the evolution of globalization & its relevance in different centuries. He shared his experience regarding challenges faced by the service industry and its solution in the Globalization era. It includes style of doing business in domestic versus international market, Language, staffing the top level position, talent acquisition, integration of newly acquired talent, cross cultural integration.