Seminars provide important insight on a matter of contemporary concern. It facilitates student faculty/subject expert contact, promote valuable intellectual discourse and allow students to explore subjects outside of their majors without affecting their grade-point averages.

Seminar on International Performance Management, Performance Analysis and IHRM

Dr. Shyam Singh , Assitant Professor gave expert session on performance appraisal, performance management, expatriate performance management to HR students of 3rd semester.HR students were taught in great details and practical situations were shared among students.

Seminar by Mastermind Foundation

A Seminar conducted by Mastermind Foundation Mr. Jaikrushna was basically to provide, students with an overview, of current technological advances that world is witnessing.They inspired students to be unstoppable and get updated before being outdated. The speakers alsosuggested that students should also conduct SWOT analysis of their selves, in order to keep succeeding and face the challenges so that they can have creative solution and devote them selves for true purpose to contribute to society. Few Unstoppable motivational videos were displayed that was centric to the qualities of leader and confident personalities like Terry Fox, Amazing mother, Nick, LegsonKayira.