Vision & Mission


To develop an empowered, self reliant & skilled Manager of Tomorrow with a balance of Knowledge, Emotional Quotient and Intelligent Quotient


  • We aim at developing zealous, conversant & innovative Managers
  • To enable them with traits to face new challenges and contribute to the Organization’s Development as a whole
  • Future managers at our institute are empowered with management skills & technical knowledge through competent skill developers, academicians and Industry Personnel with a commitment to make them Social Contributors and Global Leaders for Nation’s Development
  • To create a platform for students to showcase their talent in different spheres of life by emerging as a Leader managing the team of an organization and also as an Entrepreneur transforming their dreams into reality
  • To evolve as an impactful learner – as a trained professional, who can contribute to the society either as an Entrepreneur- Creating employment for others or as a skilled employee matching His/her Mission and Vision with the Mission/Vision of an organization for organization’s growth