Seminar on Ideation and Opportunity Analysis

A one day seminar on “Ideation and Opportunity Analysis” was organised by Prof. Samir Thakkar, EDC Coordinator, PIM. The seminar was conducted by Ms. Parul Daftari, Entrepreneur, Bock India Pvt Ltd, Former MSME LEAD at iCreate, Founder of Insights Marketing Pvt Ltd. The session provided guidance on Idea generation and Entrepreneurship to the budding aspirers of MBA Semester 4.

Seminar on Shipping and Logistics

A one day seminar on “Shipping and Logistics” was organised by Prof. Ashish Bhatt for the students of Semester 4, International Business specialisation. The students were enriched with the industry practices in shipping and logistics by the chief speaker of the seminar, Mr. Shailendra Binju, Head, International Logistics Manager of Bhilwara Group.