Vision & Mission


To empower students and develop well educated Public health professionals, who have ability to address public health needs with application of public health principles, values, evidence based medicine and practice.


To provide an excellent, competency-based, interdisciplinary education, incorporating our core values of scholarship and leadership, scientific rigor and policy analysis, and training to foster the next generation of thought leaders, practitioners, policymakers and scientists to preserve and promote health for all.

Core Values

1. Caring: we consider health as our production and caring as our profession 2. Excellence : we are committed to excellence in teaching, academic activity and Community and professional service 3. Integrity : we adhere to the highest standards of honesty, objectivity, transparency, justice and ethical conduct at all levels and times. 4. Professionalism : we believe that skill development is basic requirement for health improvement 5. Diversity : we embrace diversity and search for attraction and keep diverse faculty, staff, and student bodies. 6. Public service : we exists to serve each and every individuals in the country and the Continues efforts to protect and improve their health in a better way 7. Empowerment : we enable a sense of purpose in our work. It is achieved through taking responsibility for our performance and behaviour. We celebrate our achievements. In doing so, we create a positive environment in which students are encouraged to grow, develop and succeed. 8. Health Equality : we advocate the principle that all individuals have a right to the opportunity for a healthy life in their living areas. The Public Health Institute is committed to reducing and eliminating health disparities/discriminations among population in the community 9. Education : we recognize that our furthermost obligation is to assure that our students develop the knowledge, technical skills, and life-long learning habits, to allow them to take their place among the leaders of their professions 10. Research : we are committed to conducting quantitative and qualitative research for public health decision-making and to promote community health development.