Field Projects

First year students of 2017 batch are currently working on following short research projects in groups among rural community
1) BMI of adults above 18 year of age
2) Immunization status of children between 0-5 years

Dissertation Topics of Students of 2016 Batch
– Incidence of Diarrhoea Among Children of age 0-6 years and Knowledge, Attitude and Practices Among Mothers
– Burden of Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Diseases Among Rural Community
– Prevalence of undetected Hypertension in Age Group 18 to 49
– Awareness and Attitude about Iron Deficiency Anemia and Iron Supplementation among pregnant women attending Antenatal Clinic
– Survey of Unmet need of family Planning among Women of Reproductive Age Group (15-49 Year)
– Knowledge, Attitude and Practices about Malaria
– Dietary habits, Substance abuse and Perceived Health Risk of Residential University Students
– Prevalenceand Social Determinants of Depression and Anxiety Among Residential University Students
– A Comprehensive Study of Functioning of Laboratory Services at ParulSewashram Hospital
– Coverage of Iron and Folic Acid During Pregnency

Students in groups have been assigned short field researches in their 1st semester titled:
1) Study of knowledge, attitude and practice towards use of contraceptive method by woman of reproductive age     group.
2) Breast feeding practices in areas of Parul Rural Health Training center, Waghodiya.
3) Morbidity pattern of under 5 age group of Parul sevashram hospital of last 1 year.